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COD: Warzone is the successful battle royale inspired by the world of the iconic saga. The game has been available since the beginning of last year (2020).

Since its launch, Warzone has received several updates with items, equipment, skins, game modes, etc. One of the received modes a while ago is the Top Secret contract.

A Top Secret contract is basically a random Contract, but its rewards are much better compared to a normal contract.

However, the Top Secret contract mode in COD: Warzone is temporarily disabled due to some players using an exploit where they get more Cash and XP rewards than normal.

COD: Warzone Top Secret contract temporarily disabled due to rewards exploit

COD: Warzone players report their annoyance with disabling any Top Secret contract. In fact, they point out that there is a reason why the exploit was being used.

Apparently, the leveling of weapons by just playing Vanguard is reportedly very slow. This led players to make the most of each Top Secret contract to improve them.

So instead of fixing actual glitches, they take out a contract because people could level their weapons slightly fasteCOD: Warzone Top Secret contractr

Title, so instead of fixing the actual problems with this game, they take out top secret contract because people could level up their guns faster than just playing vanguard. Stim glitch was in warzone for like a month and they didn’t do anything. But god forbid someone gets a little extra weapon xp. Unbelievable,

I feel like leveling weapons from Vanguard takes forever in Plunder.

Am I doing something wrong? Most of the matches take around 7 minutes and by the end of it, I only did 3-8 contracts. I probably didn’t get a level on any of my weapons then.

With them removing top secret contracts because they were so good for this, what’s the best method to level up guns?

So, the removal of the aforementioned special contracts will greatly slow down the upgrades of the weapons.

This is how some players took advantage of the exploit

Through a couple of videos, you can clearly see how players were taking advantage of the exploit in a Top Secret contract to get more Cash and XP.

It is not known when the Top Secret Contracts will return

Raven Software confirmed the decision through its Twitter account. However, it is not known until when the Top Secret contracts will be disabled in COD: Warzone.

We’ve temporarily disabled the [TOP SECRET] Contract in #Warzone due to an issue resulting in unintended Cash and XP rewards.

Update 1 (December 17)

12:11 pm (IST): Raven Software released a new patch for Warzone which mentions reducing the initial and scaling rewards for the Top Secret Contract.

This means that although the top-secret contracts are back in the game, they have reduced the initial and scaling rewards.

Reduced the initial and scaling rewards for the [TOP SECRET] Contract.(Source)

When new information appears related to this topic, we will update this article. Finally, you can check the issues/bug tracker dedicated to the Call Of Duty saga.
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