Developed by Blue Byte and published by Ubisoft, Anno 1800 is a popular city-building RTS game. Launched in 2019, the game is set during the industrial revolution happening in the 19th century.

Anno 1800 combines several features from its predecessors and unsurprisingly, is the best-selling title in the series. Apart from the multiplayer mode, the game also features a sandbox mode and even a story campaign.


Nonetheless, owing to its popularity, Ubisoft frequently updates the title that brings in balance changes, introduces new features, or fixes existing bugs. But sometimes these very updates sometimes ruin the gameplay experience.

Unsurprisingly, Anno 1800 players say that the recent update has broken the mod loader. If you don’t know, the mod loader allows players to install different types of mods such as cosmetic and military mods.

Players say that none of the mods are working anymore. The issue seems to have surfaced after Anno 1800 update 13.


Mods not working after latest game update
Hey folks, after the recent game update my game wont start anymore when i try to start it with the anno mod manager. It says there is an older version. Can someone tell me please what i can do? I pla with around 50 mods (military mod, spice it up etc) or so in my current game. When i start via Steam, the game works but without mods… Thank you!

I’m posting this on behalf of my obsessed husband. Basically he has only recently started playing with mods (cosmetic mods, decorations mostly) and now after the latest update, none of them are showing up. After installing mod loader, it said it’s not compatible to the new game. I’m not sure if there is a wait time for mods to be updated with the game? What’s the procedure? Do we have to manually download all the mods again? He put in a lot of effort to decorate his city and he’s sad now lmao.

Fortunately, some users have found a mod loader that seems to be working after the Anno 1800 update 13, which you can download here.

Apart from the mod loader issue, players say that the turn camera counter-clockwise key is broken as well. Many say that they are unable to turn the camera to left after the recent update.


Just discovered this after launching first time after most recent updated. Seems like an odd bug? Basically, the keyboard key for Rotate Camera Left doesn’t work. It’ll either work for 1sec and stop, or not work at all. Doesn’t matter what key I assign to it, it’s always the same issue. Anybody else have this?

I’m playing with a French keyboard, basically you get AZERTY instead of QWERTY keys on the layout, plus a few other things. A is at the position of Q for me. Several oddities and glitches appeared with the new patch. First, I lost all keybindings. I guess this can be ok-ish, but it felt weird. I remapped the key. I gave E for rotate camera left, and I put back A as rotate camera right. E works, no issue. A does not react or trigger anything at all. It is not bound to any other key (and anyway Anno does not allow for conflicts).

Thankfully, Ubisoft has acknowledged the camera bug along with a bunch of other issues. However, it looks like the next update is scheduled for next year, so Anno 1800 players might have to wait a few weeks before they are fixed.

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Rest assured, if and when Anno 1800 developers fix the aforementioned issues, we will be updating this article so make sure you stay tuned.

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