[Updated: Dec. 15] Nokia X20 Android 12 update status: Here's what we know

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The whole Android scene is currently focused on the hype around the next version of Android, Android 12. This build promises a bunch of enhancements on top of Android 11 including better permission management, a UI redesign (Material You), and much more.

Traditionally, we get to see Google unveil new versions of Android around September and as such, it is clear we only have a few months of development left before the official release.


Already, we’ve seen concerted efforts from various OEMs who have jumped the gun and started working on their own versions of Android 12 with Google’s own devices being ahead of the curve with the Android 12 Beta 2.1 already running of Pixel devices.

While other OEMs like Asus have decided to sit out the development builds and only start development of their Android 12 skin once Google releases the stable build, some other OEMs have their devices taking part in the Android 12 Developer Preview program.

Nokia X20

One such OEM is Nokia. Soon after Google I/O 2021 on which we saw Android 12 being unveiled, Nokia announced that an Android 12 preview build would soon be released for Nokia X20 devices.

See, the developer preview builds are pretty important as they help give developers a platform on which they can test and optimize their software and apps before the new Android version goes mainstream.

This, therefore, implies that these preview builds should be availed promptly to help these developers have the early start that they desperately need if at all users are to have a seamless transition to the said new version of Android.

Nokia-X2-in post

Nokia was expected to avail this preview build sometime in the second half of 2021 and a few days into the said period, developers with Nokia X20 devices aren’t keeping calm.

The community forums are spewed with reports from users who have been patiently waiting for these preview builds to be made available before they can start taking advantage of the same.

users want android 12 preview on their nokia x20

Granted, this build is only being sought after by developers who have a very specific need for this build which might not exactly be an urgent one for Nokia as it strives to go more mainstream.

However, many other OEMs have already pushed out their Android 12 developer preview builds to their few eligible devices and it is in Nokia’s best interest long term to be prompt in such matters.

We shall be keeping an eye on this and update as and when Nokia makes these builds available so stay tuned to our dedicated Nokia Android 12 tracker to be first to know.


Update 1 (July 16)


IST: 10:25 am: Google has just made public the Android 12 Beta 3 update to Pixel users. However, Nokia is yet to make public the Android 12 Developer Preview.


Update 2 (August 14)


IST: 03:29 pm: A fresh report has highlighted a recent Geekbench result that apparently shows the Nokia X20 5G running on Android 12. If the results genuinely are from the Nokia X20 5G with the Android 12 update, we can expect the long-awaited Developer Preview to finally go live soon.


Update 3 (September 02)


IST: 06:45 pm: Nokia has finally kick-started the Android 12 Developer Program for the Nokia X20. These are the steps you can follow to get the update on your device:

– Ensure you have the latest version of the My Phone app installed.
– Open the My Phone app on your device, click on the Support banner at the bottom, and scroll down to “Android developer preview”.
– Allow the app to check your IMEI (so we can check eligibility of device), agree to the software license terms and conditions, and after checking the Important Notes, confirm you’re happy to continue.


Update 4 (December 15)


IST: 05:12 pm: Nokia has begun rolling out the stable Android 12 update for Nokia X20 in various markets.

There are a total of 27 countries in which Nokia X20 users will receive stable Android 12 update in ‘wave 1’ until December 17. Check more details here.

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