[Updated: Dec. 13] Google Maps links on phone not opening on Android Auto & voice commands not working after 'Ok Google' under investigation

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Original story (published on November 26, 2021) follows:

Google Maps is one of the best navigation software available on the internet. It is so popular that more than a billion people make use of the service every month to go from one place to another.

Unsurprisingly, the developers work hard to bring in new features and keep the data as accurate as possible. However, some bugs and glitches do pop up since Maps are constantly updated.


That being said, many who use Google Maps when driving say that they are unable to send links from their phone to the Android Auto screen. This is a really serious issue since people prefer to make use of their phones to select their destination or set the route.

Since the feature is unusable, people say that it is causing great inconvenience and making driving less secure, which is what Android Auto is designed to do.

Some say they tried clearing Google Maps app data on their phone and relinking their device to Android Auto but it does not help with the problem at all. It looks like the issue surfaced after a recent update to Google Maps.


Same here I have a Samsung galaxy s21 ultra the moment It did the update android auto all but stopped working. I can no longer click a map link on my phone and have it send to the head unit. It also stopped reading messages and music is a total mess. I’m a mobile IT and I depend on these features working, it’s actually the main reason I use an android is for the google maps and the ability to send that data to the car.

Same issue I am a Uber driver and I ues Google maps cause they display on my head unit simple last week. Last night I kept getting can’t navigate while using Android auto. Is Google going to be fixing this I guess bug glitch Makes no sense cause if you unplug your pH and let the address come up on it then plug back in it works . Pain in my a have way too many address to keep in pulling and re pulling The old way was simple hit navigate and it sent to my Head unit

Thankfully, a Community Specialist has come out and shared that they have forwarded the issue where Google Maps cannot send phone links to the Android Auto screen to the developers.

Hi All, Thanks for reporting this issue. We’ve forwarded your issue to the rest of the team. We’ll reach out to you if we need more information. Thanks!

Moreover, some Android Auto users say voice commands are no longer working after saying ‘Hey Google’ or ‘Ok Google.’ User reports suggest that the device recognizes the trigger but does not take any voice input afterward.

It is making it impossible for many to use voice commands while driving. Moreover, users suggest that they are able to respond to texts, eliminating the possibilities of connection and microphone issues.


Same issue with my Pixel 6 -Android 12, and 2022 Toyota Camry Hybrid XLE. How can I help troubleshoot the issue. All notifications on the Pixel are enabled as well as on the Camry head unit. Sometimes it will accept the voice, say it is sending the message, and then nothing happens. Help

I’m having the exact same issue. Using Galaxy s21 and Harley infotainment head unit. It was working great but then just recently stopped. This is extremely frustrating

Once again, a Community Specialist has shared that they are aware of the issue and have forwarded the information to the developers.

Hey everyone, Thanks for reporting this issue. We forwarded this issue to the rest of the team. We’ll update with more information when it’s available. Thanks!

That being said, we will update this space when Google fixes the aforementioned issues so make sure you stay tuned. In the meantime, you can check out our dedicated Android Auto bug tracker to see which issues currently affecting users.

Update 1 (December 13)

04:47 pm (IST): One of the affected users has shared a workaround to the Google Maps link not opening on Android Auto issue. You can also try this no-brainer workaround and see if it helps.

Unistalled Android Auto, re installed and re configured at first connection with the car. Problem solved (Source)

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