Some Google Discover users report persistent prompt to sign in even when signed in, community expert says team's aware

Google Discover feed is one of the most useful features that Android offers. It is a section of the home screen that gathers relevant news, reminders and other important elements for the user.

To access all the content of the feature, the user only has to enter their Google account. But, it seems that this is not working properly.

According to multiple reports, Google Discover feed users are receiving a persistent prompt to sign in, even when they already did it.

Persistent ‘sign in’ prompt in Google Discover feed for some users

The persistent prompt in the Google Discover feed seems to have appeared suddenly. This tells the user to access their Google account to get more content, but the sign in process was done before.

Recently new to the Pixel 5 after having a Pixel 2. From the home screen I can swipe right and see news articles that are usually things I’ve read in the past etc. For the most part it’s all good except that now, at the bottom of the page, there’s “sign in for more content”. I am signed in. My Google account, to the best of my knowledge, is open so why am I seeing this? Oh, and tapping it goes nowhere. Nothing opens. Nothing happens.


When the users select ‘Sign in’, the system goes to their profile page on Google. But, the prompt never goes away.

I have been notice the past couple days that my Google Discover Feed has a tile on it that says I should “sign in for more content on your favorite topics” with a sign in button. When I click it, I get the popup with my Google account button that would appear if you would click the profile icon in any of the Google accounts. I am signed in with my one and only Google account and the tile never goes away.

Google is already aware, potential workaround

A Gold Product Expert confirmed that the Google team is already aware of the issue. Also, new information will be added to the post in the support forum once it is available.


In the meantime, there is a workaround that can help resolve the bug, at least temporarily.

This fixed my issue: On the popup I chose “Use without an account” then refreshed the news feed, restarted my phone, opened the news feed popup again, chose my primary account, refreshed…and that’s all it took.

For now, users can only wait for new related developments to emerge in this regard. If there is any, we will update this article to keep you informed.

Featured Image: Google

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