[Update: Dec. 11] Telegram devs aware of broken notification badges on iOS after latest update, potential workaround inside

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Original story (published on November 06, 2021) follows:

Telegram, the popular messaging app, recently received a new update. However, it seems that the update is causing problems for users of iOS devices.

Many Telegram users on iOS are reporting that, after updating the app, the notification badges are broken, always showing unread messages even if there are none (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9).


Broken notification badges on Telegram app for iOS after latest update


According to multiple reports from affected users, the badge number on the Telegram icon (which indicates if there are new notifications) always shows that there are messages to read on iOS devices.

hey. What’s happening? I have read all my messages but the app still shows 1 notification. It’s a bug ? Latest iOS version (official) and latest telegram version.

my word, there is a bug with the recent update that won’t clear notifications bubbles on iOS. I always think i have a message and dont or fear missing one

This problem can be a bit annoying for many Telegram users, because they would never be sure if they really have new messages to read in the app.


Telegram development team is aware of the bug


Fortunately, the Telegram development team is already aware of the issue. This has been confirmed in response to some reports through their official Twitter account:


Currently, the Telegram team is working on solving the bug. However, there is still no estimated date for the arrival of the fix.


Some potential workarounds


Among the reports, some users offer potential workarounds that can help while the official solution arrives.

One of the workarounds is based on the fact that the web version of Telegram is not affected by the bug. So iOS users can take advantage of this to clean up the badge count in the app:

Same here. The only ways to clear the badge count that I’ve found are to either:

Force close the app and then open the app again.

Open the desktop Telegram app. That causes a push notification to be sent to the phone that clears the badge count.

Hope this annoying bug is fixed soon.

Another reported potential workaround to clean the notification badges would be to have multiple Telegram profiles open in the app and switch between them:


At the moment, affected users can only hope that the fix doesn’t take long to arrive. If there is any new development in this regard in the coming days, we will update this article.


Update 1 (November 08)


IST 10:26 am: An update that fixes this is now available on the App Store so affected users might want to update to that version.

Update 2 (December 11)

IST 09:33 am: The notifications badges issue of Telegram still persists on iOS even after new software update. As per reports (1, 2, 3), users are complaining that they continue to appear even when there are no notifications.

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