Spotify looking into reports of Wrapped 2021 stories skipping through slides really fast

At the end of each year, many services usually offer their users a kind of summary of their activity. Spotify, the music streaming service, is one of them.

In the case of Spotify, this annual summary is called Wrapped 2021. The Wrapped feature ‘is where listeners get a deep dive into their most memorable listening moments of the year’, according to the company.

But, it seems that this feature is not working properly for many users. And, is causing crashes in the app.

Spotify Wrapped 2021 stories skipping really fast, app crashing

The content of Spotify Wrapped 2021 is organized in slides or stories. So, as in other apps that implement this format (like Instagram), they change to the next one automatically.

But, many users report that their Wrapped 2021 stories on Spotify are skipping through slides really fast. Then, when the stories end, the apps crashes.

I was so excited for this year’s Spotify Wrapped which was released recently. I tried to view it with my device mentioned above but the app skips 5 to 8 story then crashes. Tried uninstalling the app and also clearing cache but still end up being the same. So, i hope this can be fixed ASAP as I was waiting so much for it.

Spotify team is aware, potential workaround

The Spotify team confirmed that they are already aware of the Wrapped 2021 stories skipping issue. At the moment, the glitch is under investigation, but there is no ETA for a fix.

Hi everyone!

We are aware of your reports that Wrapped 2021 opens up, yet the slides start to skip through each other and until the end really fast, preventing you from looking at them.

NOTE: This is separate from reports about Wrapped 2021 not loading all together and/or showing a green refresh icon. If you’re experiencing that, check our other thread here.

This is being actively investigated and we’ll post updates as soon as we have more details. Subscribe to the thread to get notified.

Meanwhile, the company shared a kind of workaround to mitigate the glitch.

This can happen based on some of your Android settings that influence animations. The settings are located in different places depending on your specific device, but try searching for “animations” in your Settings app and configure as following:
-Animation duration scale should be set to .5x. Try other values as well.
-Remove Animations should be toggled OFF
-In addition any Battery Saving mode should be set to OFF, as battery saving can influence the animation behavior in an effort to save battery.

For the moment, it only remains to wait for the fix not to take long to arrive. Finally, we will update this article when new relate developments appear, so stay tuned.

Featured Image: Spotify

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