Recently, OnePlus started the rollout of OxygenOS 12 to some of its high-end mobile devices. OxygenOS 12 is the latest version of the company’s custom interface, now based on Android 12.

A few months ago, the merger of OPPO and OnePlus was confirmed. One of the consequences is the integration of the base code of OxygenOS and ColorOS (OPPO’s custom interface).

In the future, both companies will start using exactly the same software. Therefore, with the passing of the months, both interfaces will become more and more alike until that happens.

Now, the arrival of OxygenOS 12 confirms the above. The system has inherited various features and design elements from ColorOS.


But, some changes made are not liking users. And, some even see them as a throwback, as they lost some features. For example, OxygenOS 12 users reportedly can’t disable the Google Discover feed.

OnePlus’ users cannot disable the Google feed after OxygenOS 12 update

Google Discover is the feed that is usually available by swiping to the right from the home screen. The availability of this feed may vary, depending on the manufacturer of the device.

However, there are users who do not find this section useful, so they prefer to disable it. But, now, OxygenOS 12 reportedly lost the option to disable the Google Discover feed.

Google now on home screen

I just updated my 9 pro to OOS 12 and can’t seem to figure out how to get rid of the Google now card when you swipe left on the home screen. It’s removal was an option before, is it permanent now or can someone help me get rid of the useless card? Thanks.

And, this is not the only change that is bothering users. According to reports, the system even lost several customization options.

I updated to OOS12. It’s a brutal downgrade.

I can’t change icons individually, I can’t personalize status bar (hour with seconds, disabling battery icon, etc), my main screen is messed up, KWGT widgets look horrible, I can’t disable Google feed… Everything looks horrible. I’m so disappointed.

The issue was present in OxygenOS 12 beta

It should be noted that this problem is not exactly new. The option to disable the Google Discover feed was also not available in the OxygenOS 12 beta. But, being a beta, its absence was ‘normal’.

Beta users reported in the beta thread that the option to disable Google discover was gone (don’t know if that’s intended or bug yet) so it would seem it’s not possible in the stable build either.

However, users are not happy that this has remained in stable OxygenOS 12. And, at the moment, it is not known if OnePlus works on the return of this function, since there is still no official statement.

Finally, we’ll keep you informed about all the developments on the matter. You can also check the bug/issues tracker dedicated to OxygenOS 12.
Featured Image: OnePlus

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