With the launch of Windows 10 back in 2015, Microsoft unveiled Edge and announced that they will be replacing the infamous Internet Explorer. With initial versions based on Microsoft’s in-house developed browsing engine, Edge now makes use of the Chromium engine.

While the browser itself is pretty fast and responsive, users have bashed Microsoft because they cannot easily change the default browsers on Windows 10.


Adding to the troubles, Microsoft Edge users are now reporting an issue where the Start, home, and new tabs settings do not stick on Windows 10. Many say that instead of opening the start page, the browser loads up the new tab page.

People say that they tried toggling the option from the settings but it does not seem to make any difference to Edge’s behavior. It looks like the issue surfaced after users updated Edge to version 96.

If you don’t know, the start page on Edge presents users with useful information such as Weather, most visited sites, and the latest news. This is a really useful feature millions of people use every day.


Since the latest Edge version update (Version 96.0.1054.29 (Official build) (64-bit)), the setting in Start, Home and New tabs is not working anymore. Edge is always opened with a new tab page, even when set to “open these pages” and i set a link there. Worked fine before the last update. Did a full reset, cleared cookies and data etc…no joy. Any other idea’s?

This issue just started on different desktops with me logged into Edge and syncing. In Settings, the two start pages are shown as there and setup. I have erased and re-entered them and it still logs into single sparse portal page, not the 2 shown in settings. Did something break?

As it turns out, a Microsoft Edge Community Manager has shed some light on the matter and said that it is indeed a known issue. They said that a fix will come out in Edge 97.0.1057.0 but there is no ETA in sight.


Moreover, a user has shared a workaround that seems to be fixing the Edge Start, Home, and new tab settings not sticking issue for some.

On your desktop, create a shortcut with the URL you want it to open with, and it will start there

Nonetheless, we will keep track of active developments on the matter and let you know when the Edge Start, home, and new tab issue gets fixed. Also, do let us know if the workaround fixed the issue for you in the comment section below.

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