[Update: Fixed] Google Maps 'Choose on map' feature not working for some iPhone users

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Original story (published on December 01, 2021) follows:

Google Maps is a widely used navigation service with millions of users worldwide. It’s so reliable that many iOS users also prefer using it despite having the native Apple Maps service.

It offers many useful features such as real-time traffic updates, helps in finding local businesses, and even provides a dashboard view on Apple CarPlay.

However, lately, some iPhone users are having trouble with the ‘Choose on map’ feature of Google Maps. Users say that they are unable to use this feature since it is not working accurately.

Here are some reports for reference:


After setting a destination, if you want to change the starting point, there is the option to “choose on map,” you can then place the pin wherever you want. When you then get directions, the place where you selected is now just some random place on the map, not where you placed the mark. (Source)

Exactly the same issue. ‘Choose on map’ places the destination pin in a random location, not where i placed the marker. I’m using iPhone 12, ios 15.1.1, latest IOS, google maps version 5.86.1 I have just reloaded google maps and its still doing it (Source)

Choose on Google Maps is indeed a very useful feature that allows you to drop a pin exactly on the place from where you need to start your journey and it also lets you choose the exact destination.

However, users say that after they choose a starting point on the map by placing the pin, it randomly places the pin on the map at a different location compared to where one had set.

And while some say that this feature is broken since the version 5.83 update of Google Maps, others stated that even the latest version 5.86 has not fixed it.


It looks like Google Maps Choose on map not working issue is only bothering iPhone users as we haven’t come across any such reports from users on Android.

Also, it’s not an issue with a specific iOS version, so it seems that this is a glitch in Google Maps itself.

Unfortunately, Google has not yet acknowledged this issue and we hope that it gets fixed soon since this glitch has been bothering users running the app on the last couple of Maps.

That said, we’ll keep you updated with the further development of Google Maps ‘Choose on map’ not working issue as and when anything new comes to our notice. So stay tuned.

Update 1 (December 07)

04:27 pm (IST): A Platinum Product Expert on the Google community forums has confirmed that the issue was resolved with version 5.88 of the app that’s now available to download.

hi all, believe this should be fixed in version 5.88 – please occasionally check for app updates. (Source)

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