Google Assistant reporting incorrect time on JBL Link & other smart devices

Launched in 2015, Google Assistant is an AI-powered virtual assistant available on both mobile and smart devices. Over the years, Google has brought several features to the service, with Assistant now being able to engage in natural two-way conversations.

It can also perform a number of actions such as opening an app, performing searches on your behalf, and controlling smart devices. The Mountain View-based tech giant has also integrated Assistant into several products.


That being said, developers constantly adding new features to Assistant. One of the latest features to come to Google Assistant are routines. They help users perform a set of actions based on certain triggers and events.

One example is the pre-baked good morning routine that tells users the time and weather whenever they talk to the Assistant and say ‘Hey Google good morning’. However, some JBL Link users are now reporting (1,2,3,4) that Google Assistant is reporting incorrect time.

The issue seems to be affecting other smart devices such as Nest as well, which is really weird since the routine performs correct actions and even tells the correct weather.


When I say “hey google good morning” to start the morning routine, the google assistant reported the wrong time, but the location is definitely set correctly as the weather was correctly reported. The time reported was way off. I am in Adelaide Australia and I think it reported US west coast time. If I ask what time it is again, it would report the correct time. It’s just the Good morning routine that reports the incorrect time.

When I say “hey Google good morning “. My android phone will give correct time. But when I say “hey Google good morning”. My nest give me a different time. I tried rebooting the nest, and still it did not work. Everything else works fine, like reporting on weather, calender , and play Spotify.

For those who use Assistant Routines on a daily basis, this is really frustrating since Google Assistant is always telling them the incorrect time.

Many said they tried resetting JBL Link and the clearing Google Assistant cache but nothing seems to work at the moment. With Google and JBL yet to say anything on the matter, it is still unclear if and when the issue will be resolved.

We hope Google and JBL find the root cause of the issue as soon as possible. In the meantime, we will be keeping an eye out for more information and update this space as and when required.

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