Lately, many players of the popular Farming Simulator game have been reporting various issues related to an item.

The item in question is the bag lifter, which is attached to tractors to facilitate certain tasks. But instead of helping, it has unwanted effects on the game.

Farming Simulator bag lifter freezing up or crashing the game

According to multiple reports, the mentioned item is broken, and it is not recommended to use it. The objective of the bag lifter is to facilitate the loading of heavier bags, or more bags at the same time.

However, the bag lifter is glitched and causes the tractor to freeze (1, 2, 3, 4). This means that the affected tractor can no longer be used in any way.

Let me start by saying I never used a bag lifter in FS19. So I decided to check it out. I got the double bag lifter, the medium lime cart, and connected the bag lifter to my JD 7810. I loaded the first 4 bags (2 at a time) just fine and then it all totally glitched. Couldn’t use the tractor. Couldn’t reset it.

I bought a new tractor, got a new front loader, bought 2 more bags of lime and another double bag lifter… same thing. Right away this time. Tried to reset. Nothing. I don’t think I restarted the game but now there are like ghost JD parts all over the shop area from my attempts. Hopefully they’ll be gone when I go back in the game.

Either way, buyer beware? This is on Elm Creek if it matters.

In some reported cases, not only does the tractor freeze, but the game crashes completely.

I was using this for seeds and then the game crashed and it was specifically when I detached it

I had issues like this in 19 as well with the bale spike shredder combo thing

UPDATE:It did it again when I got in the tractor that it was attached to. The save state is with the hook and bag attached to the tractor.

Glitched bag lifter can also duplicate tractors

In addition to the above, the glitched bag lifter is reportedly duplicating some players’ tractors. That is, when doing a certain action in specific, a second tractor appears.

Bag and double bag holder makes freeze me inside the tractor as soon as I get a bag. Can’t reset the tractor. If I do, duplication of tractors. I can basically make unlimited money like that. The original tractor stay there and become immaterial.

Tried with a different tractor and front loader. The two bags loader are the problems

This bug is also important because it can potentially break the game’s economy. If players can duplicate their tractors, they can sell as many as they want and get infinite money.

The company is aware, and there is a workaround

There is a workaround that helps to solve the bug that leaves tractors frozen. However, after applying the workaround, the tractor duplication bug appears:


Finally, the developers are already aware of the issues described above, as you can see in the following screenshot:


When new related official details are released, we will update this article. So, stay tuned with us.

Featured Image: PlayStation Store

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