Google’s Nest is one of the popular product lineups if you are into smart homes. From thermostats to doorbells to security cams and locks, Nest allows users to control and manage all these devices using the Nest app, making it one of the best solutions on the market.

If you want to record important events at your home, Nest Aware is the company’s paid subscription that offers different features depending on what devices you own.


The subscription offers two tiers, one that records 30 days of event video whereas the Plus plan offers 60 days of video history along with 10 days of 24 hours recording.

However, many Nest Aware subscribers are now reporting (1,2,3,4,5,6,7) that the video history is not being recorded. For some, only pictures are getting recorded, which is not that useful.

People are frustrated since the issue is breaking the core functionality of the service. Others say that they are subscribed to the service but it does not show as active.


I got my new Nest battery cameras, a few weeks ago. I have nest aware and it doesn’t display 30 day’s of event history. I do pay for the 30 day subscription. I only use the Google Home application. I’ve tried everything and it doesn’t show know more then a day’s worth of event history. The application has all the added features available for Nest Aware to use; the only problem is the event history.

The same user further adds:

I personally believe Google is updating their services and this is a known problem. We’ll at least I hope. The odd thing is, I’ve been signed up for Nest Aware for over 3 weeks and I just got a email this morning welcoming me. Also, I’m on a Android device.

I renewed my Nest Aware Plus subscription and received an email confirmation that I was was charged on Nov 21, 2021. When I log into my Nest home login, I see the two cameras I have associated with my account but I am unable to see any video history / timeline info (I am logging in via my laptop computer but also don’t see any video history from my phone login either).(Source)

Users have tried clearing the app data and reinstalling the Nest app, but the subscription is still not recording anything.

With Google yet to acknowledge the issue where Nest Aware subscription is not recording videos or showing history, it is still unclear when it will be fixed.

We hope the concerned team finds out the root cause of the issue and fix it as soon as possible. When they do, we will update this article to reflect the same.

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Featured image source: Google Store

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