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Far Cry 6 is the 6th and latest installment in Far Cry franchise of Ubisoft that is available on different gaming platforms including Xbox, PlayStation, Amazon Luna, Windows, and Stadia

Developed by Ubisoft Toronto and published by Ubisoft, this FPS video game was launched on October 06, 2021.

And since then, it has reached plenty of gamers around the world. However, many players are also facing several issues while playing Far Cry 6.


Previously, gamers have reported issues such as cutscenes black bar overlay/frame drops, trouble in enemy respawn mechanics, and black screen issues on Xbox.

As if not enough, two new issues have come to light where players are complaining (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6) of errors like snowshoe and trapper. These issues are making it harder to play the game and it is stuck on a single window.

As per reports, when trying to enter the game or navigating to settings, it throws a message which says ‘An error occurred. You have been returned to the Main Menu’ followed by a snowshoe error code.

Here are some reports for reference:


@UbisoftSupport I’m playing Far Cry 6 on Xbox series S and whenever I play solo or coop I get an error code saying my Ethernet is disconnected even though I don’t have one and my wifi shuts off. The error code is Snowshoe-E79469E1 (Source)

@UbisoftSupport Far Cry 6 on Xbox Series X. Got back into my game via quick resume. “Error snowshoe numbers” It forced me to quit to main menu. Then, while trying to load back in “Error granite numbers” had to force close software to load my game again. (Source)

This Far Cry 6 snowshoe error is forcing players to go back to main menu. And when they try to load back it shows the error again.

It is bothering gamers on PlayStation and Xbox as we haven’t come across reports from any other gaming platforms.

Trapper Error in Far Cry 6:

Besides snowshoe, some players are also complaining about ‘Trapper error’ where the game is not letting other players join on co-op operations and their save game simply doesn’t load.

When gamers try to run quick play, it returns the ‘Attention: Trapper’ error code. Here are some reports for reference:


Game won’t let join other ppl on co-op operations. When I try to start a operation session it says “available only during the story” i already restarted the game and even my PS5. And when i try to run quick play it gives me error code Trapper-CE15CEE7 after it tries to search for a session. Anyone have the same problem and/or a fix ? (Source)

I’ve restarted the game countless times, & I keep getting DC’d to the main menu with an “ATTENTION!: Trapper” notification. Anyone else? (Source)

In detail, the error message asks players to wait for some time until it connects to the server and after a while it throws a message saying ‘the operation took longer than expected, please try again later—Attention! Trapper’.

Some basic workarounds like re-installing the game, restarting the console, or installing PS4 version aren’t helping affected players get out of any of these issues.

Meanwhile, it is good to see that Ubisoft Support has acknowledged the error code issues and are currently investigating them. We hope they get fixed soon.


In the meantime, the affected players can also try a workaround that involves changing server location using a VPN. If they are already using any VPN, then try turning it off and see if it works.

That said, we will keep you informed regarding the further development of Far Cry 6 snowshoe or trapper error as and when anything comes to our notice.

Update 1 (October 19)

12:40 pm (IST): Ubisoft has replied to one of the users who reported the connectivity problem with a workaround. Through their support page they describe the following process:

• Reset network hardware.
• Switch to a wired connection.
• Enable UPnP.
Please contact your ISP for additional information and help with enabling this feature.
• Place the console in DMZ.
Please contact your ISP for additional information and help with enabling this feature.
• Check for external restrictions.


So if you suffer from the problems mentioned in this article, you can try this workaround.

Update 2 (December 02)

09:40 am (IST): Ubisoft Support has since come out to acknowledge this Trapper bug, noting that they’re working to resolve it.

ubisoft working to fix far cry 6 trapper issue

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