Pikmin Bloom is an Augmented Reality game that was released on October 26 this year. Developed and published by the same company that brought us the likes of Pokemon Go, the mobile game rewards players based on their real-world activity.

The time you spend outside directly correlates to the items the game award you with. These items either allow you to grow or feed the Pikmin creatures. Players also leave a trail of blossoming flowers wherever they go.


With that being said, some players are reporting a bug with an in-game item. Pikmin Bloom players say that the detector is showing nearby mini-mart instead of showing the roadside. If you are unaware, the Pikmin Bloom detector is an item that can be found by pressing the compass icon.

It allows players to find the nearby hidden items and send their creatures on an expedition to collect them. However, Niantic allows players to use the detector only once per day.

Players are frustrated by the bug since the Pikmin Bloom detector is only showing mini-mart even when there is nothing around them. You can see for yourself in the image below how the itlooks like.

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@NianticSupport Had the same issue. Walked around my local (major) museum for half an hour, kept checking the detector & never once did it show a museum icon. Even went on to Open Street Maps to confirm that it’s accurately marked. (They also have the museum restaurant marked correctly on there but Restaurant didn’t show up on the detector either). Walked by a movie theater, checked the detector, nothing. Seems like the detector needs some work? Or it’s not meant to help us the way we think it is?

I knew I had this bug, so it’s nice to know it’s a problem for everyone. The categories for decor have changed names and symbols a bit in the last 6 months, and with global release I think they forgot to update this. The detector should be showing roadside. It’s the default decor. You get roadside unless there is something that fits another category nearby.

As it turns out, a Niantic Mod on the Pikmin Bloom community forum has come out and said that the detector is indeed showing the correct category and that they do not see Mini-mart instead of roadside.

Hello there, everybody! We can ensure that Detector displays the correct category. It is not displaying Mini-mart instead of Roadside.

With that being said, it is unclear for now if Niantic will acknowledge that the issue exists. Nonetheless, we will be keeping an eye out for more information and update this article if and when required.

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Featured image source: Google Play Store

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