The Google Nest Thermostat is one of the most popular devices for keeping home temperatures under control. However, its users have been facing some performance issues.

Some users of the Google Nest Thermostat report that the device is stuck in Eco mode, even when they are already at home (1, 2, 3, 4).

Google Nest Thermostat stuck in Eco mode even when you are at home

The Google Nest Thermostat has among its features the Eco mode. Basically, this mode makes the home’s temperature control system work in a low-power mode (1, 2, 3, 4).

Then, when the thermostat detects (through the location in the app or the motion sensors) that the user is at home, cooler temperatures are set (to suit the user).

So I have 2 nest thermostats which are controlled with Home/Away. Whenever I go out the thermostat goes into eco as expected. Whenever I return home the app shows “Home” and so does the log so it defintatly knows I have returned, but the thermostat however is still stuck in “Eco” mode till I manually turn it off.

I have all the “learning” stuff off (Auto Schedule/True Radiant) so I have no idea what I need to do to fix this aside from just turning home/away off and putting the old thermostats back in.

Here’s my problem. I use Home/Away assist on my Nest Learning Thermostat because I work irregular hours. When I leave the house, things work fine: the app records that I’m away and switches the thermostat to Eco. But often when I return home, although the app registers that I’m home, it does not switch the thermostat back to normal levels: it remains stuck on Eco. What I have to do is to manually stop Eco on the app.

This is really annoying. Any thoughts on how to fix it?

When this problem occurs, the only way to disable Eco mode is manually.

Potential location recognition bug

The issue would be related to an incorrect operation of the location detection in the Nest app. Some users report that, sometimes, they appear as being away from home, even they are not.

Hey, I’ve checked both my nest app and google home app and have the address set to my current address, however the home/away assist is constantly saying my phone is not home, when I am. This is causing the furnace to go into away/eco mode when I am home. Any other suggestions?

I did recently move, however I did do a factory reset on my nest thermostat and re-installed and set it up at the new address.

So, this means that, even at home, the Eco mode of the Google Nest Thermostat is constantly activated and deactivated.

At the moment, there is no official statement from Google in this regard. There is also no confirmation that the problem has been escalated to the team.

If there is any related development in this regard, we will update this article. So, stay tuned with us.

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