Google Nest Doorbell inside chime not working or greyed out for multiple users

If you are looking for a great smart video doorbell, Google’s Nest Doorbell is one of the best options available. The Mountain View-based company has finally updated the product lineup and introduced the battery-powered Nest Doorbell a few months ago.

While it does feature significant improvements, the latest iteration of Nest Doorbell and Nest Cam has had several bugs and glitches such as the recent issue where the products give a ‘Can’t connect to assisting device’ error message.

Google Nest Doorbell Battery

As it turns out, Google Nest Doorbell owners are reporting (1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8) a new issue where the ring indoor chime is not working. Many also say that the option is greyed out for them.

That being said, it seems like there is still a long way to go before all Nest Doorbell issues are resolved. This is really a serious issue since people say they have no way of knowing if someone is at their door unless they look at their phone.

Moreover, the Google Nest Doorbell indoor chime option does not announce even when set to do so. For others, the indoor chime option is not available at all. You can see that the toggle is greyed out in the image below.


So I bought the new battery doorbell and focused on the fact that it was “wireless” and the “video” and never thought about an actual “chime” when someone rings the doorbell. I have a Google Home Mini and after looking at every option etc. it appears this doorbell does not provide a way to output an audible chime. If I’m not staring at my phone, I don’t know if anyone is at my door, or has been at my door. What’s up with that?

My doorbell is wired but the labels DO NOT offer that option. My doorbell used to work fine. I changed my router to a Comcast router and now the inside chime stopped working. I can jumper the screws on the back of the doorbell and the chime works. I rebooted the doorbell and while it was rebooting the chime worked when the button was pushed but as soon as the reboot finished, the chime stopped working. I found the chime turned off in the app and turned it on but still nothing. I found the quiet time option in the Home app and it is NOT turned on. What am I missing?

Many are frustrated because they now have a doorbell that does not inform them if anyone is standing at their door. Unfortunately, it looks like Google is still unaware of the Nest Doorbell chime bug.

We hope the tech giant acknowledged the issue and releases a fix soon so users can use the doorbell the way it was meant to. In the meantime, people affected have no option but to wait.

As always, we will be keeping a tab on further developments on the matter and update this article once Google fixes the issue.

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