[Update: Fixed] Hell Let Loose bug where players are unable to spawn on outposts or more than one garrison acknowledged

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Original story (published on November 26, 2021) follows:

Hell Let Loose is a popular multiplayer FPS focused on massive battles and set in WWII. Lately, its players have been suffering from some issues that affect gameplay.

According to multiple reports, there is a bug in Hell Let Loose related to garrisons, outposts and spawn. Players are apparently unable to spawn properly (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6).

Some Hell Let Loose players can’t spawn on a garrison or on outposts

A garrison is an element that allows any member of your team to spawn on it. On the other hand, Outposts (also known as OPs) allow only members of your squad to spawn.

However, in recent weeks, some Hell Let Loose players have been reporting issues with the garrison and the spawn feature.

Not sure if this is common knowledge but I after taking the weekend off because of the aforementioned bug, I decided that was the day to jump back in to HLL (on console). In my first match, I was disappointed to find out that the bug is still present.

Apparently, it doesn’t hit in EVERY match but it’s definitely still there. The match started normal with my squad and I being able to spawn on placed OP’s and Garry’s but after a death or so a lot of us lost that ability. It seemed like redeploying would SOMETIMES allow me to spawn on points other than the HQ’s but it didn’t work every time.

Just giving a heads up.

According to reports, some players lose the ability to spawn garrisons or OPs in the middle of a match.

In some reported cases, players can spawn an OP, but not on a garrison. Apparently, it is not possible to choose any garrison spawn point from those that should be available.

Not sure if others are still experiencing this but most of the time if I try and throw a grenade (especially when playing German) the animation cuts out halfway through and the actual grenade never throws….

Also the Garrison spawn issue is back where players can’t select a forward garrison and can only spawn on home HQ’s.

Some temporal workarounds to mitigate the issue

There are some workarounds that can be tried while an official fix arrives. One of them is the following:

I found that if i hold down the d-pad and the stick at the same time while cycling through garrisons it’ll unlock them so you can spawn back in. Seems to work consistently for me.

If that doesn’t work, you can try to change voice channels, or even leave and rejoin the squad.


Hell Let Loose team is already aware

The Hell Let Loose developers confirmed that they are already aware of the bug that affects spawn.


If there is any related development in this regard in the coming says, we will update this article. So, stay tuned with us.

Update 1 (November 27)

04:22 pm (IST): A new hotfix is out for the game that finally addresses the overrun spawn-point issues.

❕ Console Players ❕

We’ve deployed a hotfix to address the overrun spawn-point issues! We hope you’re all enjoying Quality of Life Patch 2. (Source)

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