EA Madden 22 is the latest and one of the most controversial installments in the franchise. While it is significantly better than Madden 21 in some aspects such as graphics, the game surely has had a rough start.

Ever before it was launched, Madden 22 players started reporting issues with the game. Many expected that EA would sort it out before the game was released worldwide, but unfortunately, that was not the case.


Some recent issues affecting players include the game freezing when upgrading or developing players and the crashing issue on Xbox.

What’s worrying is that new bugs and glitches are still popping up. With that being said, it looks like Madden 22 players are now facing an issue where the co-op play art is not showing up.

Many say that the bug can be reproduced by playing offline franchises and that it surfaced after the scouting update. People say they tried reinstalling the game and verifying files but these generic resolutions do not seem to work.


I was wondering if anyone else had issues with play art not showing up pre snap when playing on ps5 with 2 players on the same team. It’s happened ever since the scouting update. It makes the game really hard for my friend and I to play in any of the game modes. Pressing RT pre snap shows no play art

I am playing an offline franchise on ps5 and for the first time all season my pre snap play art is not available. Trying to teach my son how to play so the art really helps. I am wandering if this is intentional, a glitch for the update, or a setting that got reset. I am aware there is a lot of heat about the game so out of respect I would prefer not to start a “ea/madden is trash” thread if possible please. Thank you all so much!

This is really an inconvenience for those who play the game in co-op mode with some saying that it makes the game borderline unplayable. Thankfully, EA seems to be aware of the issue and said that the developers are working on a fix.


With some reports dating back to October, players expected that the issue will be resolved in the coming update. But EA clarified that they did not fix it in the November 19 patch but will surely be taken care of in the near future.

This was not included in the latest update on the 19th and the team is aiming to address this in the near future.

We hope EA fixes the Madden 22 play art bug as soon as possible so co-op players can start enjoying the game again. When they release an update that finally fixes the issue, we will update this article so stay tuned.

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Featured image source: Electronic Arts

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