Powerbeats Pro one side not working (connectivity or charging) for some users, Apple allegedly aware & working on fix

Powerbeats Pro, Apple’s sports TWS earphones, have been suffering from certain problems in recent weeks.

According to user reports of the Powerbeats Pro, the earphones suffer from connectivity or charging issues (1, 2, 3, 4).

Powerbeats Pro stopped charging on one side for some users

Some Powerbeats Pro users report that one side just stopped charging. When they try to put one side in its charging box, the indicator light does not come on. Meanwhile, the other side charges properly.

Just wanted some help on this issue. Right PBP is able to return to its case fine, and has the case light blink when it starts recharging. However, when I return the left PBP to its case, there is no case light blink to indicate that it’s charging. I’ve tried cleaning the ports on the buds and in the case but still no results. I can’t even reset the PBP since it doesn’t register the left one as in the case. What should I do here?

Also, cleaning the charging contacts does not help resolve the problem. And, affected users cannot try to reset the earphones, as the affected side cannot be registered.

Connectivity issues on one side of Powerbeats Pro for some

The other reported issue affects the connectivity of the Powerbeats Pro. In this case, it also appears on only one side.

According to reports, the connection on one side is suddenly lost after a short time of use, even though the battery is almost full.

Hi I purchased my Powerbeats Pro a few years back to use with iPhone and macBook, and everything works fine until recently the right earbud would suddenly drop connection after an hour of use or so. These few days it escalated and I can’t get an uninterrupted use of 15-30 min.

After losing connection, If I simply put the earbud to case and immediately take it out, the connection would resume to normal, and on iPhone it shows that both earbuds have the same amount of battery left. The problem is, when I go out for a jog, I typically won’t get access to the case for 1.5-2 hours. Perchance anyone else encountered the same problem and has some solution? I tried resetting Powerbeats Pro (the holding case button for 15s thing) and it didn’t work.

The problem would get worse as time went by. The previous report describes that the first disconnections occurred after an hour of use, and then began to happen after only about 15 minutes of use.

It should be noted that when the connection falls, it can be restored by placing the affected side in its charge case. However, the users will not always carry the case with them.

Apple is allegedly aware of the issue

A user reports having contacted apple about the connectivity bug, and would have received a reply. The user claims that the company is already aware of the problem.


Just a YSK post. I contacted Apple due to frequent disconnections on my headphones using iOS 15.1, Firmware Version 4A394. Model #A4208 and they said that they were ‘aware of intermittent connection issues’.

So, it looks as if someone at Apple is aware of this problem.

Also, connectivity cuts are reportedly caused by firmware Version 4A394.

If there is any new development in this matter in the coming days, we will update this article. So, stay tuned with us.

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