Google Drive for Desktop says everything is up to date but new files are not syncing (missing) for some users

Google Drive is one of the most popular cloud based documents storage solutions used by millions everyday. Launched in 2012, it also features offline capabilities on devices running Windows and macOS.

The Mountain View-based company has tightly integrated Drive with other Google products such as Docs, Sheets and Slides. The basic tier offers 15GB of free storage through Google One, with plans offering storage up to 2TB if you are willing to pay.


A few months ago, Google pulled the switch on its Google Backup and Sync app and encouraged users to switch over to the Drive for Desktop app. Ever since, many have reported a bunch of issues such with the new app.

And now it looks like Google Drive for Desktop users are facing another issue with some saying that the app is not syncing all of their files. Moreover, the app shows a message stating ‘Everything is up to date.’

Users said they tried placing files in the folders that are to be synced but the app is not uploading them at all. Many are frustrated with this bug since it is preventing them from gaining access to those files on other devices.


I was recently upgraded to Drive (from Backup and sync), and now that it’s running, it won’t actually sync any new files in the folders it’s supposed to be monitoring. It just shows the status of “Everything is up to date” when that’s clearly not the case. I use it for backing up photos to Google Photos, and the new pictures just aren’t there. Will it eventually recognize the changes? If so, is this type of lag normal?

I have files created and modified over two weeks ago that are not showing up in in my Google Drive Computer back up. These files are in folders that have been synched. These synched folders contain other files that Google drive has backed up but they are not backing up all the files in the synched folder. I am only using 333 GB of 2TB. Despite not backing up or synching these files, the Google Drive App on my MacBook displays “Your files are up to date’ and ‘Everything is up to date’. My files are not up to date. The Error List shows nothing.

Resolutions such as reinstalling the app, re-adding folders to sync, and restarting Windows do not help either, indicating that the problem lies somewhere on Google’s end.

With Google yet to say anything on the matter, it might take a while to fix the Drive for Desktop not syncing files bug. As always, we will keep an eye on the matter and update this space as and when required.

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