Madden 22 game freezing glitch when developing or upgrading a player under investigation

Madden 22 is the latest installment in the long-running American football video game franchise. Based on the Frostbite 3 engine, the game has had a rough start ever since its release on August 20 this year.

In the last few months, players have reported a number of issues ranging from the game crashing on consoles to players being sent back to the main menu in Franchise mode.


For many, Madden 22 has been nothing but a bug fest at best. With that being said, players are reporting another issue with Madden 22 where the franchise game mode is freezing whenever they develop or upgrade a player.

Players say the only way to continue playing is to close the game and relaunch. The worst part is that Madden 22 does not save the game progress, meaning players have to re-do everything since the last launch.

Undoubtedly, this has infuriated many Madden 22 enthusiasts with players questioning if EA even tests before pushing an update.


I have a cloud franchise and every time I get the chance to upgrade a player from superstar to superstar X-Factor, the game completely breaks. But only for that week. If I do anything except hit play game, it freezes and I have to close the entire game. Once clicking play game, I doesn’t allow me to choose uniforms and then in the game I am playing against my own team. For example this last time I’m the chargers and had a game against the ravens.

– After a franchise game that involves any siming in a normal franchise.
– When I go to upgrade an ability for my player locked franchise.
– Had a soft lock during a pass interference in the end zone.
The crashes are non stop and literally ruin any sort of fun I was having while playing.. There’s more, but these are the more specific ones that always happen no matter what.


As it turns out, EA is already aware of the Madden 22 franchise mode freezing issue and said it is currently under investigation.

Thank you for the details. From what I see this was not addressed in today’s update and is still under investigation. If you’re able to upload a clip to YouTube and drop the link in here we can always add that to our ticket for it.


And as if this wasn’t enough, players are reporting another issue with the game telling players that they are commissioners of 20 leagues already.

Many say this is preventing them from creating more franchises in-game. You can see how the error looks like in the image below.

Click/tap to enlarge image (Source)

Recently tried creating a new franchise but when I do it says I have already got 20 leagues. I have 0 leagues and don’t know how to fix this issue, does anyone know?

@PAPAxC4 spoke to @EAHelp today cuz I cannot start ANY franchise because it says I’m the commissioner of 20 leagues already. Which I’m not !! I have no saves at all anymore. So
@EAMaddenNFL is now useless to me. I only play franchise.

Thankfully, an EA Community Manager has said that they have raised the issue to the concerned team. However, there is no ETA on when it will be fixed.

This was raised up to the team yesterday. We’ll update you all when we find out more. If you encounter any workaround fixes that others can try out to help get into their Franchises please feel free to share, information like that can also be helpful for the team to know what could be triggering this.

With that being said, we will update this article if and when EA fixes the Madden 22 freezing and franchise league issues.

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Featured image source: Electronic Arts

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