Battlefield 2042 players on Xbox complain of forced crossplay with PC players

DICE and Electronic Arts recently released Battlefield 2042, the latest installment in the beloved Battlefield franchise. But even before its release, those who had early access to the title had complained of several bugs and issues.

And their worst fears indeed came true. When EA released Battlefield 2042 on November 19, it received a lot of flak from players and reviewers with many saying it felt like a half-baked product.


Having said that, Battlefield 2042 players on Xbox are now complaining that they are forced to play with PC since they are unable to get matches when crossplay is disabled.

Gamers say that every game they are getting PC players in the lobby who are at an unfair advantage since they use keyboard and mouse combo compared to controllers.

Many say that DICE should make a console-only crossplay or exclude PC players from the existing matchmaking. The worst part is that if you want to disable crossplay when playing Battlefield 2042, there is no option in-game.

If you want to disable crossplay for Battlefield 2042, you have to do so from the Xbox settings. Moreover, when players turn off crossplay, they are unable to find matches for hours on end.


Hello. I play this game on xbox and i’m having a BAD time going against PC players who can 360 me with a PP-29 and kill me even if i start shooting first. I know theres skill involved but this is just unfair. You cant turn crossplay off on xbox from within the game, but you can in the system settings. Thing is, if you do that, you CANT FIND A LOBBY. It just doesnt happen.
Havent seen anything about crossplay only between consoles in the latest updates. Anyone know or heard anything?

I don’t give a damn about your “git gud” shit, console players are at an inherent disadvantage and the fact that turning off crossplay means you never find a damn match is beyond fucking infuriating. I’m not a damn sweat, I refuse to be a sweat. I play games to have fun but there is zero fun in feeling like you’re playing against aimboters by comparison.

When players asked DICE why they decided to remove the crossplay toggle in-game after it was working well in the beta, a producer at DICE said they are considering re-adding it to the game.


Apart from being forced to turn on crossplay if they want to find some matches, some Battlefield 2042 players say they are having trouble finding their friends when crossplay is enabled.

Fortunately, EA has acknowledged the issue and said that it is currently under investigation.

Hi Stuart, apologies for the delay. I am sorry to hear that you are having problems playing with your friends through cross-play. I want to assure you that we are aware of this issue affecting people with cross-play invites and it is being investigated.

We really hope EA and DICE sort out the crossplay issues Battlefield 2042 players are complaining about and make the Xbox-only lobby healthy by giving them an in-game crossplay toggle.

That being said, we’ll keep an active track of the developments on this one and update the story, as and when required.

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