Some Google Pixel phones on Android 12 won't charge or battery indicator stuck at 0%

Android 12 has been available for just a few weeks for Google Pixel phones. Since then, users have been discovering some bugs to fix through updates.

Recent reports from users of Google Pixel phones indicate that the battery indicator would be broken for some after Android 12 update, showing a battery percentage of 0% permanently.

In addition, in the most serious cases, the phones would even have stopped receiving charge (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10).

Battery indicator stuck at 0% on some Google Pixel phones after Android 12 update

According to reports, after updating a Google Pixel phone to Android 12, the battery indicator would be permanently stuck at a percentage of 0%.

Android 12 update: Battery percentage in notification tray stuck at 0%

I updated my Pixel 5 to Android 12, and now the battery indicator with the percentage in the top right hand corner perpetually shows 0%. The battery itself is fine- if I go into Settings > Battery, it shows the correct current charge of the battery. However, the notification tray indicator doesn’t ever change.

I hard-reset the device (holding power button for 10 seconds or so) and when it booted back up the indicator was stuck at a different number, but again, it doesn’t change ever.

Why is this happening and how can I fix it?

In this case, the only way to know the real charge percentage is going to the Battery Settings. But, the battery health would not be affected.

Some potential workarounds

There are a couple of workarounds that reportedly help solve the problem for some. The former involves using an additional battery app or widget to ‘force’ the repair of the original:

Okay heres the fix, i installed battery reborn widget from play store, turned off percetage on status bar restarted phone.

Battery icon now normal on status bar in addition to reborn icon on status bar. Removed battery reborn, problem ressolved.

The other workaround is a bit more extreme. It basically consists of doing a factory reset of the device. Some users report that this method worked for them to fix the error.


Some Pixel phones won’t charge after Android 12 update

Other reports describe a much more serious situation. Basically, there are Pixel phones that stop charging permanently after updating to Android 12.

Android 12 release date: October 19th

Download & update done on the 21st

My phone stops itself on the 22nd (normal, no more battery)

I plug it: it stays at 0%, for ever. I can switch it on, it stays at 0% and shut itself down in less than a min (even if plugged).

I contacted Google support (France), worst experience ever, 2 hours of chat, factory reset (but with the android 12 firmware), no results.

Final answer of Google “send it to repair, it’s out of warranty (3 months), quote: 360 euros”…for a very probable firmware/software problem which leads to a battery not charging thus a dead phone.

In addition, Google would be charging users for a repair of the devices affected by this problem, as described in the previous report.

At the moment, it is not known if Google is aware of these reports. Therefore, it is still not sure if they are working on a fix.

In the coming days, if there is any new development in this regard, we will update this article. You can also check the bugs/issues tracker dedicated to Android 12 on Google Pixel phones.

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