[Updated: Nov. 20] Battlefield 2042 players furious after devs remove progression in solo/co-op matches (kills not counting towards attachments)

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Battlefield 2042 is Electronic Arts’ latest take on the acclaimed Battlefield franchise. Set in the near future, the game brings in several changes compared to its previous iterations such as deployable drones and turrets.

Moreover, the class system has been completely overhauled. Players can choose from the four specialist classes, namely- Engineer, Medic, Recon, and Assault. One of the major changes is that no matter what class you choose, you can use all gadgets and weapons without any restrictions.


Ever since early access began, players have been reporting several issues with the game such as the keyboard and mouse glitch that is making the game borderline unplayable for many.

Now, Battlefield 2042 players are furious and angry after developers decided to remove the progression system when playing solo or co-op matches. Thus, players resort to playing against AI bots to unlock achievements that they otherwise wouldn’t be able to without spending hundreds of hours in-game.

Many are reporting that killing bots in All-out War (Conquest) no longer counts towards weapons, attachments, and other forms of progression.


Was playing at launch this morning and hopped around to all of the different areas (except Hazard Zone) and gave the All Out War single player mode a try and it was a more relaxing paced conquest while still keeping the massive scale intact which felt fun. I played a few maps in single player and realized you still got (diluted) XP and kills counted toward weapon progression. Was nice to have a more casual progression option when I didn’t feel like sweating. Though I noticed this was the case in portal as well because of all the XP farm lobbies that were open last night.

That was the most fun I had on launch night, just like battlefront2 it was nice to load into co-op and just shoot shit with buddies and slowly progress weapons. Maybe they could only add it to the hardest difficulty bots? I don’t know but gunplay in online is flip of the coin right now, im a good player I’m not delusional but it’s been really difficult to unlock attachments, even more so when you I get the kills and the game just doesn’t seem to acknowledge them?

The only thing players are getting playing with bots is the XP that is awarded at the end of the match. EA had recently reduced the XP players received from Portal after some complained that people were XP farming servers.

It is still unclear if EA intentionally made the changes or if it is a side-effect due to the recent patch that nerfed Portal XP. Whatever the reason, the changes surely have frustrated a lot of casual players who just wanted to unlock the likes of attachments and weapon achievements.

Since EA is yet to say anything on the matter, we cannot say anything for certain. That being said, we will keep an eye out for more information and update this space as and when required.

Update 1 (November 19)

6:28 pm (IST): EA confirmed that progression through solo/co-op matches (leveling up and gaining XP) will be back in the game as soon as possible. However, there is still no specific date for it.

Hi Emanuele, thanks for reaching out and apologies for the late reply. To answer your question about Battlefield 2042 weapon levelling in co-op. It will be possible to level your weapons and gain XP by playing Solo and co-op. It is being introduced back into the game asap, more details can be found through our social media pages and forums so please keep an eye on those for further updates.

Update 2 (November 20)

3:44 pm (IST): The latest info coming from Battlefield Direct Communications on Twitter confirms that the changes are temporary measures to restrict the creation of XP Farming servers.

These changes are temporary measures which will remain in place to restrict the creation of XP Farming servers in #BattlefieldPortal

🔁 We are performing a restart of all Portal servers to apply these changes

XP remains active on Classic Portal Experiences and VIP Fiesta (Source)

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Featured image source: Electronic Arts

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