Wyze motion detection zone or person detection not working (false alerts) for some users

Founded in 2017 and based out of the United States, Wyze Labs is a company famous for its camera lineup. The company also develops a bunch of products such as cameras, robot vacuums, watches, RC cars amongst many more.

Talking about security cameras, the latest is Wyze Cam V3 which is designed for both indoor and outdoor usage. But like every smart product, it is prone to some bugs and glitches.


For example, a recent bug caused Wyze cameras to go offline or get stuck on a red light. With that being said, users are now reporting a serious issue with the product.

According to recent reports from Wyze users, the motion detection feature is not working at times. Apart from this bug, the Wyze app also seems to be facing problems detecting a person with users saying it does not notify them in case a motion event is detected.

The issue seems to have surfaced after users updated to the latest firmware that was supposed to fix some issues. Also, it is not limited to certain products but affects several camera models through the ecosystem.


My Wyze cameras (V2) are having serious issues. They do not upload videos properly. They will record thousands of clips a day that are each 1 to 3 seconds long. These clips will not be accessible since they will not upload properly. Every few days both cameras stop picking up motion completely. I have had these cameras for less than a month. My old cameras were doing the same thing and I got these new ones for free after talking to support. I have talked to Wyze support 40+ times over the last 3 months and as of now they tell me sorry, they will not send me V3 to see if that works.

I have 2 outdoors and one inside camera (2x PLUS paid services). Unexpectedly, all 3 cameras have stopped recording motion detection. I deleted all the rules, triple checked the settings – they all are turned ON to record on motion detection. But still, no videos have been recorded/saved. Has anyone had a similar issue? Any advice?

In some cases, users say that their event history log is flooded with useless activities. It is a really serious issue for those who depend on Wyze to keep their homes secure.

With Wyze yet to acknowledge the motion detection issues, we have no way of knowing if and when the company will fix it. Till then, users may have to live with the bugs and hope for the best.

Nonetheless, when Wyze developers acknowledge or release a fix, we will be updating this page with more information so stay tuned.

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