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Original story (published on June 12, 2021) follows:

PUBG developer Krafton is working on launching a sequel of sorts to the original PUBG Mobile later this year. It has been dubbed PUBG New State.

The game looks pretty much alike in terms of gameplay when compared to its original but comes with enhanced and better-detailed graphics.

Moreover, it is set in the year 2051 and is thus themed accordingly with a futuristic map combined with advanced vehicles and equipment.


The has already recorded over 10 million pre-registrations on the Google Play Store within the span of a couple of months.

Krafton had earlier announced that they’ll be taking up applicants from the US for Android-only alpha testing that will be held between June 11-13.

The goal of this testing includes measuring the early version’s performance, network stability, and in-development gameplay systems.

However, there is a possible major issue that has been troubling players. It prevents them from logging in and instead throws out a “Cannot connect to the server” error.


Hey bro Can you please Help me!! I also got PUBG New State Aplha, but whenever i start it with vpn it says cannot connect to server and without vpn this is not available in your region

@GamestarSobhan bro pubg new state not open they say cannot connect to the server

But as it stands, the issue isn’t really a flaw in the game itself. Rather, it has to do with unauthorized logins from regions other than the officially supported United States.

Thankfully, there is actually a simple solution to work around the problem. Just watch the video guide below and follow the procedure therein.

Basically, all you got to do is run the game after installing and enabling 3X VPN. You will have to set the location to the US of course since the other regions simply won’t work.

Do keep in mind that the above procedure isn’t exactly guaranteed to do the job. If it doesn’t, then worry not, for the PUBG New State is set to be released globally pretty soon.

Update 1 (November 11)

09:06 am (IST): PUBG: New State just went live in India, but the excitement for many came to an abrupt end as the game keeps crashing and even banning players for simply having the Developer Options enabled on Android.

The game didn’t open up, instead it showed an IP address link to open up in a browser. After opening the browser it said you have been banned from the game because of suspicious activity and one of those activities was having Developer Options enabled. (Source)

This game prevents you from being able to play unless you turn off developer options. That’s ridiculous! I hate cheaters as much as the next guy but PUBG should not be looking into my phone settings to sniff out potential cheaters. (Source)

Initially it didn’t work and the webpage opened up whenever I tried to launch. Came to know that the game won’t open if developer mode is enabled in android. Switched it off and the game launched. (Source)

Some users are even facing server issues while trying to launch the game. Matter of fact, most of the recent reviews of the game on the Play Store are 1-star due to the various issues.

10:05 am (IST): It now seems that PUBG: New State is down for everyone. The game throws the error ‘Unable to connect to the server’ and gets stuck at 38% in the loading screen. Here’s a screenshot for reference:

Click/tap to enlarge image

11:30 am (IST): PUBG: New State now notes that they’ve decided to postpone the official launch of the game TWO hours to 06:00 (UTC). This, due to current server issues.

pubg new state

Update 2 (November 12)

12:19 pm (IST): PUBG: New State players with Android devices might find some solace in the fact that the team has rolled out an optional update to fix the system issues that were triggered by the game.

Hello Survivors!

An optional update to fix system issues is now available for Android devices. This update can be downloaded through Google Play.

The update is only available on Google Play.
See below for more details: (Source)

Update 3 (November 17)

03:20 pm (IST): PUBG New State Dev Team has confirmed that they will gradually fix the ongoing issues with the game that aren’t been fixed in the hotfix update.

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