[Nov 17: Issue resolved] Far Cry 6 Weapon Wheel broken on PS5, PS4 & Xbox after update v1.05, players unable to select weapons

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Ever since the game was launched on October 7 this year, Far Cry 6 has been nothing short of a bug fest. Ubisoft’s latest game in the long-running Far Cry franchise seems to be affected by a number of issues.

Some of these bugs and glitches made Far Cry 6 unplayable at times and are making players angry with Ubisoft. It seems like Ubisoft developers are inspired by those at Electronic Arts.

While previous updates have broken the game n number of times, it seems that Title Update 2 has broken the Far Cry 6 Weapon wheel. This is causing a lot of annoyance since players are unable to select weapons.

We’re releasing Title Update 2 in preparation for upcoming content and to remove the aforementioned Danny and Dani vs Everybody mission. The patch will be available on consoles today, with PC, Stadia and Luna following shortly.

The reports come from console players suggesting that it surfaced after the latest update. You can see how the weapon wheels bug is affecting players in the video below.

after downloading the Far Cry 6 v1.05 patch today (PS5), im now getting a game-breaking bug with my weapon wheel that prevents me from selecting anything. game is now unplayable. reloading doesnt fix. anyone else? please help/fix this! @Ubisoft @UbisoftSupport #PS5Share #FarCry6

What is this update, i was hardly having any issues before and now when I am in my weapon wheel it won’t let me select anything else, flicking back and forth really quickly back to one of my weapons only. No drift or issues anywhere else on my console with this controller.(Source)

@FarCrygame The new update BROKE the weapon wheel on Xbox Series X. Opening the game from scratch or fast traveling causes the weapon wheel to not allow selection. It opens, and trying to select a weapon make the icon flash like crazy, making it nearly impossible to change guns.(Source)

Unfortunately, standard resolutions such as verifying game files, restarting the console, and reinstalling the game do not seem to fix the broken Far Cry 6 weapon wheel.

Moreover, we cannot find any workaround that seems to resolve the aforementioned issue. That being said, it looks like Far Cry 6 players will have to live with the broken weapon wheel until Ubisoft releases a fix.

When they do, we will update this article to reflect the same so make you keep checking this space for more information.

Update 1 (November 04)

12:19 pm (IST): As this issue continues to plague players of this game, there might be a workaround, thanks to the power of the community.

A user has been seen advising other players to not change the rate of fire until this issue is addressed.

far cry 6 user suggested workaround

IMPORTANT: The issue only appears if you’ve changed the rate of fire on any of your equipped weapons. If you remove that weapon from your loadout, the issue will go away.
So, don’t change the rate of fire on any of your equipped weapons until the issue is fixed.

Update 2 (November 05)

11:54 pm (IST) : New reports now indicate that reassigning different weapons on a workbench seems to fix the issue for users so affected players might want to give this a try.

Update 3 (November 06)

09:40 am (IST) While devs are fixing the broken weapon wheel issue, the affected players can try the official workaround provided by Ubisoft and see if it works.

Hey cossielover1369. We’re aware of this issue occurring and looking into a resolution. In the meantime, pleas try entering and exiting photo mode or swapping weapons in the Inventory. (Source)

Update 4 (November 12)

06:28 pm (IST) Ubisoft support has confirmed that a fix for the weapon wheel bug will be coming in an upcoming patch. However, there’s no ETA for this patch.

The team has been actively investigating the weapon wheel issue and the cause has been identified. They are working on a fix that should be implemented in an upcoming patch. (Source)

Update 5 (November 17)

11:23 am (IST) Far Cry 6 developers now note that this issue has finally been addressed.

We are releasing a Hotfix for Far Cry 6 today on the Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation4 and PlayStation 5 platforms. We are expecting the Hotfix to go out on Ubisoft Connect, Epic Games Store, Stadia and Luna tomorrow, Tuesday, November 16. Find a list of changes below.

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Featured image source: Ubisoft

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