Gods Unchained connection or server issues acknowledged, fix in the works

Gods Unchained is one of the NFT games that has experienced a ‘boom’ this year. However, lately it has been suffering from some connection issues.

According to reports, it is becoming almost impossible to start a match as the game never fully load it.

Connection or server issues on Gods Unchained

Gods Unchained players are reporting connection or server issues in the game. This can lead to some situations that seriously affect the experience (1, 2).

In some cases, Gods Unchained players would not be able to initiate a clash, due to the game displaying a perpetual loading screen. This could happen even while trying to play solo.

I was able to play a few games earlier today but now when I try to play it just keeps taking me to the loading screen right before you actually enter a match. It just says connecting forever and doesn’t do anything. Also weird is that I can’t even play solo. It does the same shit. Even weirder this didn’t start happening until after I finally spent money on these insane gas fees to buy some packs. Anyone have any ideas?

There are other reported cases where players could start a match. However, upon reaching a certain round, the game freezes or crashes.

I need to vent about how ridiculous the game is right now. I tried to play about 7 matches today. Three of those didn’t even start because it just failed to connect. All the others just froze or crashed or whatever. None of those matches got past turn five. Should we start a fundraiser for upgrading servers? I love the game, something needs to be done..

In cases where the game crashes in the middle of a clash, different situations would arise. While sometimes the clash is reportedly saved neither as a victory nor as a loss. At other times it is recorded as a defeat.


Server problems are also reportedly not allowing players to connect their wallets. This means that they could not claim their earned tokens (GODS).


A fix is in the works

The game developers confirm that they are aware of the reported issues and are working to resolve them. However, there is no estimated date for the arrival of a fix.

We’re working on a fix as we speak, thank you for your patience Manos palma contra palma

If there is any new development in this regard in the coming days we will update this article, So, stay tuned with us.

Featured image: Gods Unchained

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