Bethesda aware of Skyrim 'The Cause' quest not progressing as pressure plates aren't working, fix in the works

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, had a popularity boost recently thanks to its ‘relaunch’ under the name ‘Anniversary Edition’. But, many players are running into some issues in the game.

It appears that Skyrim’s ‘The Cause’ quest is reportedly ‘broken’. A bug would be causing it to not be completed.

Some players can’t complete ‘The Cause’ quest on Skyrim

‘The Cause’ is a quest that can be downloaded from the Creation Club of Skyrim. So, it is not necessary to buy the Anniversary Edition to download it.

However, Skyrim Anniversary Edition brings all the content of the creation club. This means that thousands of players will enjoy the quest with the relaunch of the game.

A fundamental element of this quest are the pressure plates. These serve to open a door that will be necessary to complete it. But, pressure plates aren’t reportedly working for some players:

#SkyrimAnniversaryEdition #Creationclub To whoever made The Cause, please fix the stone pressure plates in Rielle. On console, at least, I can’t progress through the questline because the way is blocked by a gate that is triggered by one of the aforementioned plates.

I was going thru the new creation club Quest The Cause and I can’t progress further because the gates in the Ayleid ruin Rielle crypt won’t open. The pressure plates don’t work. Is this a known bug, is there a work around?

If the pressure plates cannot be activated, that means the player cannot progress in the mission (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6).

There is a workaround that may help

Some players report a workaround that can help while an official fix arrives. This would especially help those who upgraded Skyrim Special Edition to the Anniversary Edition.

The workaround would allow a downgrade to the Special Edition (where everything would work correctly), but keeping the new content at the same time. The process is the following:

What I did is replaced skyrim.exe, skyrimlauncher.exe and binkw64.dll with the ones from 1.5.97 and the game loaded without hastle. Make sure to change only these 3 files, all of the files inside Data folder should be from AE version!

So, if you’re having trouble with the new creation club content or upgrading to Skyrim Anniversary Edition, you can give this a try.

Bethesda is already aware of the bug

Bethesda support team has officially confirmed that they are aware of the issue. However, there is no estimated date for the arrival of a fix.


If there is any new development in this matter in the coming days, we will update this article. So, stay tuned with us.

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