[Updated: Nov. 13] iPhone 13 series camera viewfinder flickering when moving near or far from subject? Here's why

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Original story (published on October 09, 2021) follows:

Apple launched its latest iPhone 13 series a couple of weeks ago on September 14. And since then, these iPhones have reached plenty of users worldwide.

Apple’s latest lineup includes four models – iPhone 13 mini, iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Pro, and iPhone 13 Pro Max. And as usual, the Pro models come with some design and camera upgrades as compared to non-pro ones.

As such, the iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max include a bunch of new camera features. It also has ability to automatically switch to macro lenses depending on the situation.


It seems that this new automatic macro mode has become annoying for some users when they try to capture a nearby object. When camera lens switches, it creates a flickering effect in-camera viewfinder which appears like a bug.

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Apparently im not the only one experiencing this. I hope this gets fixed soon! You can see the flicker clearly when taking a video as well (Source)

@Apple why is my camera flickering Weary faceWeary face this is a brand new phone (iPhone 13 pro) (Source)

Well, to be clear, this is not an issue. Instead, it’s just that Apple has developed the iPhone 13 (pro models) camera app in such a way that it automatically switches to macro lens when you reach closer to a subject.

It only appears like the screen is flickering but in actuality, it’s just the lens changing. One thing Apple missed here is to add a toggle so that users can switch off this automatic lens switching feature to avoid flickering.

This whole situation has been explained by a well-known YouTuber — MKBHD — in his recent iPhone 13 Pro review that you can check below.

Many users who got their hands-on the iPhone 13 Pro or 13 Pro Max are completely unaware of this feature and they only think of it as a bug.

Meanwhile, it seems that Apple is already on it and working on adding a toggle switch with the upcoming iOS 15.1 update.

In fact, the option to disable auto-switching between the lenses has already made an appearance in the latest iOS 15.1 beta.

In third beta of iOS 15.1, you can easily find Macro mode toggle in the settings from where it can be switched on or off, but there’s a catch.

Although a toggle has been added to switch off auto macro mode, there isn’t any option to switch back to macro mode once you turn it off in settings.

We hope that Apple fixes this thing as soon as possible even if it’s not a issue. These minor things can often ruin user’s experience which no one will expect after spending a huge sum of money.

We will keep you updated as and when Apple acknowledges iPhone 13 camera flickering effects by adding a dedicated toggle to turn it off.

Update 1 (November 13)

10:20 am (IST): Apple has finally added a manual toggle for the macro mode with iOS 15.2 update and now it can be turned on/off directly from the camera.


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