[Update: Likely fixed] Spotify working to fix issues with Recently Played track list feature where some streams may not be displayed

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Original story (published on July 29, 2021) follows:

The world’s most popular music streaming service seems to be dropping new issues way faster than the time it is taking for Kanye’s new album Donda to make it to its extensive roster.

In July alone, the Spotify app has suffered several annoyances including multiple ads playing after every darn song, link previews not working on Twitter, issues with autoplay, downloaded playlists playing a bit of hide and seek, and even a massive outage.

But thank goodness – at least the peeps at Spotify HQ are usually quick to address bugs so they do not stick for long. However, as quick as they may, with new problems popping up now and then, a few Premium users have begun to have second thoughts about their subscriptions.

And as if the existing problems hadn’t taken already their toll, a new one has surfaced pertaining to the Recently Played feature where the listening history has gotten messed up.


I am not surprised Spotify recently played artists is broken again in the past 24 hours and a mark basically two weeks ago.

my recently played on spotify is broken again can they get it together for once

Several complaints from Twitterati indicate that the said feature has gone rogue and isn’t updating itself to reflect upon the bangers being listened to of late.

While I myself rarely venture into the Recently Played aisle, it appears to be functioning okayish for me at the moment, thus establishing that the issue isn’t affecting all. It did take a couple of mins to refresh though so something might be up.

Still, malfunctions in the feature appear to be a dealbreaker for many, judging from the rants on social media. Several Spotify users have also complained that their Recently Played section hasn’t updated since yesterday.


Moreover, this isn’t even the first time the function has broken. A few reports say that the listening history has been a hit-or-miss affair for the past couple of weeks.

Spotify sure does need to chill and allow us to take a breather.

Unfortunately, the usual workarounds like clearing the app cache, logging in again, or binning the app and pulling it back out do not seem to be helping at all. From this, it is safe to assume that the problem is at the server end.

Whatever it is, Spotify has now acknowledged the Recently played list issue saying that they’re aware of it.


Not too many details have been provided at the moment and it’s still unclear when the feature will be restored to normalcy.

Although, some third-party apps like Spotistats and Renaissance that make use of Spotify APIs seem to know more than Spotify’s official Twitter handle itself:

It appears Spotify’s Recently Played feature is experiencing issues over the last 24 hours. They are working on a fix! Once resolved, your previous streams will show up in the app! So keep it going and thanks for the patience.

It’s a global outage, nothing you can do about it except just wait… It happens to much lately, lets hope Spotify fixes it asap :))

Anyway, we are confident that the Recently Played section will be up and running once again in no time given Spotify’s track record, so in the meantime, all you got to do is wait.

Update (November 12)

IST 10:21 am: Yesterday, Spotify released a new version of the app on both the App Store and the Google Play Store.

The new update bears a generic changelog but seems to have fixed this issue (1,2).

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