World of Warcraft mythic or korthia gear upgrade issue (this item cannot be modified) acknowledged

World of Warcraft is one of the biggest names in the video game industry. Launched in November of 2004, it is developed and published by Blizzard Entertainment. In just 13 years, the game has generated more than $9.23 billion in revenue.

In this MMORPG, players can either opt to complete quests and fight monsters or engage in PvP combat. World of Warcraft encourages players to sell, upgrade or buy items.


That being said, World of Warcraft players are now reporting that they are unable to upgrade any korthia or mythic gear even though they have the required valor points. Instead, they are greeted with an “item cannot be modified” error.

It is really frustrating for those who were waiting a long time and gathering resources to upgrade their gear. Reports suggest that the issue surfaced after the November 10 maintenance update.

Recently, players complained about the Brewfest event ending prematurely before it was intended to and Paladins getting banned for various reasons.


I try to upgrade my Arachnid Cipher Ring that I just received from a Mythic +12 Plaguefall from Rank 9 → 10 with my valor, but I get an error that says “That Item Can Not Be Modified” … I was able to upgrade it from Rank 8 → 9 without issue. I have a current Mythic Score of 1894, so I know it isn’t a score issue, plus I have several other pieces of gear that I have upgraded to Rank 11/12 prior to today; additionally, I have plenty of valor saved up with which to upgrade the ring.

My main has over 2.2k Mythic+ score, but on my hunter, it says I need a higher rating to upgrade my gear with valor. If you get KSM on your main, i thought you can upgrade your gear on your alts all the way up to 246? The weird thing is, it’ll let me upgrade on my tank, but not my Hunter Also, if I hover the cursor on my hunter, it doesn’t show my main’s IO score. It does on my tank, though.

Thankfully, Blizzard Entertainment is currently investigating the World of Warcraft issue where korthia or mythic gear cannot be upgraded. Unfortunately, customer support said that they are not aware of any workarounds.

Even though there is no ETA on when the issue will be resolved, players can take comfort in the fact that a fix will be coming soon.

We are aware of a current issue which is preventing players who have the correct rating from upgrading current season’s mythic gear and are investigating. Customer Support does not have a workaround which can be provided. We apologize for any inconvenience while our developers work as quickly as possible to resolve the issue.

That said, we will be back with more details as and when we get new information to share so stay tuned.

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