[Poll results out] Should Warzone get back option to purchase bundles via Armory instead of being exclusive to the Store?

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COD Warzone is one of those games that has managed to remain in the limelight for a number of reasons, both good and bad. Its 100 million+ player base suggests that the game is here to stay for the foreseeable future.

Often updated with new content in the form of events and bundles, COD Warzone is both known for its intuitive gameplay and lots of bugs that sometimes make the players angry.


Having said that, it looks like the developer Raven Software decided to make some changes to the in-game store and moved the Armory bundles, and made them Store exclusive. The decision to move the bundles to the store was taken in Season 6.

Before COD Warzone developers decided to make the changes, players could buy any blueprint from the Armory, making it way easier to buy something they wanted for themselves or gift the bundle to their friends.

While some say it makes sense from a business perspective and that the Store has a faster rotation compared to the Armory, others are not happy with the recent changes.

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I tried to go buy an LMG blueprint from the armory or blueprint store screen from the loadout menu, and clicking on it wouldn’t do anything. The only ones that would actually pull up for purchase were the ones actually in the “Store” tab from the main multiplayer menu. I was able to purchase any blueprint I could find in the armory before, clicking on it would take me to a purchase screen for the bundle that included said blueprint. Anyone else having this issue recently?

With the latest store change , it’s been painful to buy a bundle that you like, now you can only buy the ones from the store sadly… Does anyone know how to get any bundle out of rotation? I tried yesterday the cod tracker trick but it seems to not be working today…

They say the move is aimed at luring players to buy more items from the Store and restricts their choices. However, those in favor say that it allows Raven Software to rotate bundles easily and give players a chance to buy their favorite cosmetics.

Many say that the Armory pulls up all the blueprints to weapons but no longer links to the purchase page. This is really weird since Raven Software the changes prevents players from buying these bundles, which will result in less revenue generation over time.

COD Warzone players it is Raven Software’s subtle way of telling players that they are not interested in Modern Warfare anymore and instead want players to focus more on Warzone and Vanguard.


Having said that, there is a way to get the bundle you want. All you have to do is be friends with someone who already has the bundle for 7 days and ask them to gift it to you.

That brings to the question, do you think Warzone should get back the option to purchase bundles via Armory instead of being exclusive to the Store? Make sure to share your opinion by voting in the poll below or speak out your mind in the comment section below.

Update (November 11)

IST 11:05 am: The poll results are out and evidently, many of you (80%) feel like Warzone should indeed make bundles purchasable via Armory. Another 20% don’t really care.

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