Philips aware of Hue sync box connectivity/compatibility issue with Arris routers, but fix has no ETA

Philips Hue, the content-based atmospheric lighting system, has compatibility issues with Arris routers.

However, this problem is not new. The related reports are from many months ago. But, to this day, the company has not yet developed an effective solution to Philips Hue users.

The issue with the Philips Hue sync box and Hue Bridge

For its configuration, the Philips Hue system requires devices such as the Philips HDMI Sync Box and the Philips Hue Bridge, in addition to the LED lights themselves.

But, users who have Arris routers at home are having issues that do not allow the correct operation of Hue due to an incompatibility/connectivity issue with the Philips Hue Bridge (1, 2, 3, 4).

So I’ve had this issue for over a year now and I’ve talked with Hue on Twitter about it and they’re saying it’s my Arris router/modem causing the issue. This sounds like dog 💩 to me. Why would my internet connection have anything to do with it losing video signal?

I know other people have had this problem too. Can you all tell me what routers/modem brands you have so I know the right one to test?

My setup. Arris router/modem with a tplink mesh. Hue sync and bridge are on the mesh.

After a week or 2, Phillips finally told me that my AT&T Arris BGW210-700 router doesn’t work with the app/box and will be addressed in the next update to the system. Just wanna spread awareness. They do sync every so often, and you can adjust the brightness before the sync, and lighting behind the TV is still cool while I wait.

The Hue Bridge lets you connect and control the Hub lights and compatible accessories. So, if a router does not support the bridge, the whole system will not be functional.

An issue present for two years

It should be noted that the first reports related to this problem emerged are from two years ago. To a report from January, the company confirmed that it was aware of the compatibility issue.

Currently there is a known compatibility issue with Arris routers. We hope to have this fixed soon, but we have no indication available on when this will be. You can wait until the fix is released, return the Sync Box to the retailer or use a router from a different brand.

But, the reports about this bug never stopped. To a report this month, the company gave exactly the same response that it had given in January.


Therefore, it is not known when the expected fix will arrive, or if it will arrive at some point. If there is any new development in this regard, we will update this article, so stay tuned.

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