HomePod Siri issue where 'What’s my update' won't play news (silence after "and now") still affecting some after iOS 15.1.1 update

HomePod, Apple’s smart speaker, is having some issues with the “What’s my update” voice command.

HomePod users are reporting that, after updating to the latest iOS 15.1.1, the problem with news not playing after saying the Siri voice command “What’s my update” remains.

‘What’s my update’ Siri voice command is not working well on HomePod

One of the HomePod possibilities is to execute actions through Siri voice commands. For example, the command “What’s my update” is used to play relevant news or podcasts.

However, for some time now, some HomePod users have been reporting that the voice command is not working properly (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6).

Reports indicate that, after saying the voice command ‘What’s my update’ to Siri on the HomePod, the device will reply ‘And now …’, but will not play any news.

Siri won’t play podcasts with ‘What’s my Update’ or ‘latest news’ prompts

Have AppleTV default speakered to HomePod Mini

Independent HomePod mini in another room

All devices are upgraded to latest version.

Previously – ‘Hey Siri, whats my update?’ would play all the way through including CBC News podcast as well as ‘What’s the latest news?’

Now… Siri just ends with ‘And now…’ … nothing… and ‘latest news’ prompt just says ‘there is a problem with apple podcasts’

Hi, I upgraded my OG to 15.1 today. It won’t play anything from Apple Podcasts – whether I initiate it via Siri, or via the Home app, or by starting on my phone and handing off to the Pod. I’ve tried restarting. Everything else seems to work fine, including Apple Music. Anyone else encountered this and have a fix?

iOS 15.1.1 came as a partial solution to the problem

Some HomePod users had reported that, after updating to iOS 15.1, the issue with news and podcasts started. To mitigate the bug, Apple rolled out the iOS 15.1.1 update.

Still can’t play news (updated to 15.1.1)

Siri responds: “Here’s the latest news”, then nothing. Before the 15.1.1 update, I would get the “there’s a problem with Apple Podcasts” response. Any clue what’s wrong?

But, it seems that iOS 15.1.1 only mitigated the bug by allowing podcasts to be played. However, the news still have the same issues described above.

In fact, this is something that Apple confirms in the update changelog. Their support page only mentions that iOS 15.1.1 fixes the podcast issue, but doesn’t mention the news.

HomePod-Siri-'What’s-my-update'-won't-play-news-iOS -15.1.1

Therefore, HomePod users can only wait for Apple to send a new update that now fixes the problem with the news.

If there is any new development in this regard in the coming days, we will update this article to keep you informed, so stay tuned with us.

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