Google Fi, Google’s telecommunications service, is reportedly having problems with its billing system for international calls.

Some users are reporting that Google Fi is charging them for international calls that should be free. The charges may apply even for receiving spam calls.

Google Fi International Wi-Fi Calling Terms of Use

According to reports from affected users, the billing error occurs in the Google Fi international Wi-Fi calling system (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6).

The terms of use for Wi-Fi calls from outside the U.S. state that ‘it depends on the country you are calling’, and that ‘You’re not charged for calls to US numbers over Wifi – They’re included in your plan’.


So, an international Wi-Fi call to US numbers should not be charged in Google Fi, since Wi-Fi calling rates are based on the country you are calling, not the country you are calling from.

Some Google Fi users are being charged for international or spam calls

However, some Google Fi users report that their Wi-Fi calls from another country to numbers in the United States were charged.

Getting charged for calls while traveling internationally

I’m traveling in the UK and am on an unlimited plus plan. When I make/receive calls to and from US over WiFi, I was expecting them to be free but seems like I’m being charged at 20 cents per minute. Is this normal? Let me know. Thanks

Some Google Fi users also report that they are being charged for receiving spam/junk calls from the United States, even when these calls were not answered.

I’m out of the US now with 2 lines. one is the Samsung and the other one is iPhone. Because I’m going to stay here for a while and have a local phone here, I don’t use my US phone. But, even I don’t get the phone, I could find international call charges on my bill. It looks most calls from the US are spam……..Is there any way avoiding the international call charge??

There are similar reports from last year

It should be noted that there are reports of similar situations from the past year 2020:


Google is reportedly aware

A user reports that, after contacting Google, the problem would have been escalated to be fixed:

Well, Google Fi did not fix the issue, I am still getting billed for domestic calls as if I was still in Spain. I contacted their support again and they are escalating the issue. SPAM calls are likewise still being billed.

For now, affected users can only wait for further developments on this matter. If there is any in the coming days, we will update this article, so stay tuned.

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