With the release of Android 12, a lot of things have apparently changed. The latest version of Google’s operating system brings in much-needed UI changes.

However, apart from the UI changes, Android 12 also includes many under-the-hood changes. While some changes such as the quick settings are much appreciated, others have criticized Google for removing things that were completely fine.


An example of the same includes the removal of the shortcut to the clock app when tapping the time on the expanded status bar. Moreover, the new version also seems to have introduced a lot of bugs and glitches.

Some recent changes users did not like include the missing vibrate mode icon from the status bar and the new lock screen design. That being said, it looks like many are facing issues with the swipe up gesture when using the 2 button navigation after updating to Android 12.

Users seem to be frustrated they cannot navigate to the app drawer with the OS showing the recent apps menu instead.


This is terrible UX and a poorly communicated change. How in the world were we supposed to know to swipe up from the middle of the screen? I just wasted 45 minutes of my life trying to troubleshoot this because I couldn’t access the app drawer from swiping up from the bottom like I have for the past 5 years. Thanks to those who figured it out!!

I completely agree. So damn frustrating with a MAJOR change like this that has not been communicated by Google in any way! Swiping from the bottom shows all apps for half a second, then they disappear. How are we supposed to know to now swipe up from mid-screen? Come on Google. Communicate big changes like this better. I too have wasted so much time trying to figure out. Totally ridiculous!

If you are affected by the same issue, switching to 3 button navigation seems to revert the changes with users being able to swipe up to access the app drawer.

I figured it out. I went into settings and navigation settings. Apparently my phone wouldn’t access that feature with the 2 button navigation I previously used. I changed it to the 3 button navigation option and am now able to swipe up to access all my apps and then press the square button to access recent pages. Phew. I almost freaked out.

A Google Community Platinum Product Expert said that the changes were made to bring it in line with the gesture navigation.

To make it in line with gesture navigation which is the default system navigation on Android since Android 10. 2-button navigation is a remnant from Android 9 and only exists on Pixel 3 and earlier devices, it doesn’t exist on Pixel 4 and newer devices.

Also, swiping up from the middle of the screen should let users access the app drawer when using 2 button navigation.

It looks like the change was intended but has frustrated many since they weren’t informed about the same. We hope Google lets users know if they make any significant changes to the Android navigation methods in the foreseeable future.

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