[Update: Fixed] Google Maps search function not working properly for some users (none or only a few pins appear) after latest update

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Original story (published on October 28, 2021) follows:

Google Maps users have been having some problems while using the search function. The issues arise when you want to search for a specific business or type of business.

The issue with Google Maps search

Through many reports (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10), affected users complain about a bug that changes the behavior of the Google Maps search system.

It seems that the error appears when you try to search for a business by name (like ‘Walmart’) or by the type of business (like ‘art gallery’).

Before the problem arose, when you wrote the name of a business/type of business in the search, all the related results in the area appeared. These were distinguished on the map with a red pin.

However, according to reports, now when you do the same type of search on Google Maps, it causes erratic behavior in the app, mainly affecting the pins.

For example, in some cases, it is reported that very few pins appear. Meanwhile, other users report that no pin appears on the map. One of the reports describes the situation as follows:

I used to be able to search for a chain of restaurants and maps would show all of the ones nearby. Now it doesn’t do that and I can’t figure out why. I have to click on a location in list form and than maps will show the icon on the map.

Then there are the reported cases where few pins appear, and at a very far distance, like the following:

The search function on Google maps has suddenly gone screwy for me starting yesterday. When I make a search it only brings up a few pins on the map, and the locations of said pins are… interesting.

Google Maps street search works

It seems that the problem only affects the search for a specific business or type of business in Google Maps. Users report that the street and address search still works correctly:

If I type in the actual street address, it pops up immediately, including the business name and information. I’ve scoured the settings of the app and updated to the latest version.

A workaround for PC

A Google product expert suggested to the affected users that, from their computers, try to search Google Maps using incognito mode. This worked for some users.


The issue has been escalated to Google team

The bug has been escalated to the Google team, as confirmed by a product expert:

I got similar feedback from the Community Manager also.

Nevertheless, the Community Manager is looking into the aspect & will get some updates soon.
Let’s wait.

For now, it only remains to wait for updates on the matter. We will update this article once new information is available.

Update 1 (November 03)

05:03 pm (IST): A Silver Product expert on the support forums claims that they referred the issue to the Community Manager and the word is that the problem has been resolved.

I referred the issue to the Community Manager & have an update today “The Google Maps team has fixed the issue”.
Can you check & confirm? (Source)

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