[Updated] Google Discover feed not working for some Google Workspace accounts, throws 'Something went wrong' error

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Original story (published on September 01, 2021) follows:

Over the years, Google has developed its own suite of apps aimed to improve the overall workflow of an organization.

The company started with Google Apps for Work, which was later renamed to G-Suite. Last year, Google decided to change the name once again, with G-Suite now becoming Google Workspace.

Google Workspace offers the same set of services and features G-Suite did for years. But the company drastically changed the interface with Workspace now offering a seamless UI that enhances productivity.


With Workspace, users can access several Google applications such as Drive, Gmail, Calendar, Sheets, and much more from a single window.

Moreover, Google Workspace ensures that employees have a dedicated account for work so they can focus on remote work and collaboration.

Having said that, sometimes some bugs do find their way through. Recently, users reported that their Google Discover feed is not working on their Google Workspace accounts.

Workspace users say they are seeing a blank screen when they try to open Google Discover while others suggest that they are greeted with a ‘something went wrong’ error.


I’ve scoured forums, watched videos, and asked Google Admin Support (Who doesn’t cover “Google Discovery”. I recently started a new workspace account for my business. Had a personal Google for years, and have an embedded Google Discovery widget on my Razer 2. , which shows news and articles based on my interests and search. But, it’s been days now since I made the switch, and my Discovery is still blank.

HI! My Google Discover feed stopped working a few days ago for all my Google Workspace accounts. The only thing I get is a blank screen with “Something went wrong”. This only happens for my Workspace accounts, my Gmail seems to work fine. I’ve tried rebooting, clearing the Google cache., uninstalling updates from the Google app. Any ideas?

If you are unaware of what Discover is, it is a smart tool that shows users content based on their interests and preferences.

Moreover, users say that the issue only happens with their Workspace account and that the regular Gmail account works fine.

Google is yet to acknowledge the Discover feed not working on the Workspace accounts bug. When they do, we will update this space so stay tuned for further updates.

Update 1 (November 03)

04:52 pm (IST): A ‘Gold Product expert’ on the community forums confirmed that the issue is now being looked into. Unfortunately, there’s no ETA for a fix.

Hi Nicholas, thank you for letting me know and sorry to hear you had it for a little bit then lost it again.

And I did hear back confirming that this issue is being actively looked into. (Source)

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Featured image source: Google Workspace

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