Google Assistant broken or not working on some Pixel phones after Android 12 update

The Android 12 update has been available since October for the Google Pixel phones. However, it appears that some issues are yet to be ironed out as the latest iteration of Google’s Android OS needs a bit of polishing

Some Google Pixel phone users report that since they updated their phones to Android 12, the Google Assistant app is not working well.

Google Assistant not working properly on some Pixel phones updated to Android 12

The reports of affected users describe situations on Assistant app such as crashes, voice commands that are not fulfilled or the impossibility of activating it with the screen off (1, 2, 3, 4).

Some users point out that specific questions reportedly cause the app to crash:

Since I upgraded to Android 12, my Google Assistant is crashing all the time when asking question. I can easily reproduce it for example when asking “Where is the next x supermarket”, and it says “I have found n locations for” and then force closing and crashing, when it wants to show them.

Anyone else having this issue?

Apparently, the problem occurs when the user executes a command that requires connecting to the internet.

Hi everyone,

for me on my Pixel3Xl after the android12 update, If google assistant needs to query the internet for an answer or an action, it just Quits Out. Internal things such as checking what’s on my calendar (data that’s already on the phone) seem to work just fine, but it has to go out to the net, the assistant just immediately closes. Not sure if other people are getting this as well.

For some users, Google Assistant does not activate with the command ‘Ok Google’ when the phone screen is off:


There are users who report having tried to clear the cache and data of Google Assistant app to resolve the problem, but nothing worked.


Even Pixel 6 could be affected

It should be noted that there are also some Google Pixel 6 users reporting problems with the Google Assistant. Therefore, the issue could be related to Android 12, but this is yet to be confirmed:


Android 12 betas reportedly had this problem too

Apparently, some Pixel phone users have already had these problems with the Google Assistant since the Android 12 betas:

Pixel 3a, ATT

This has been going on for at least the past two betas and persists now that we are on Android 12. When I launch assistant to do a search, everything works until it starts speaking the results.. At that point it cuts out mid sentence, the window disappears, and sometimes I get a popup saying “Google keeps stopping”.

I have cleared the cache, cleared all Google data and even flashed a fresh copy of Android 12 (without wiping). Google still crashes as always.

Anyone else?

To date, Google has not officially ruled on Assistant not working well after Android 12 update issue. Therefore, it is not yet known if they are aware of the situation.

We will update this article when more related news appears on the matter, so stay tuned. You can also check the bugs/issues tracker dedicated to Android 12 on Pixel phones.
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