[Update: Oct. 29] Zwift aware U-turn function still not working for some users after v1.18.1 update

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If you are into virtual cycling, you must have heard of the popular app called Zwift. It is an indoor training and racing app that motivates you to work harder.

It gained popularity after people all over the world were stuck in their homes due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Many have now replaced their real-life cycling routine with Zwift based workouts.


If you are planning to use Zwift, you will need a special piece of hardware called a turbo trainer that can help track various metrics such as speed and distance covered.

The hardware will then connect to the Zwift app and track all your workout data. Zwift lets users choose the map of their liking and features multiple virtual worlds to choose from, some of which include New York and London.

But sometimes users do encounter some issues with the app such as the issue where Apple users were unable to pair their Power Signals and Controllable separately.


Some also reported that they were having problems downloading or uploading their ride data on both Apple as well as Android devices.

Now, another issue has surfaced with Zwift users saying that the U-turn function is not working. Whenever users try to make a U-turn, they are stuck at a speed and cannot change directions thereafter.

People say they have tried using both the keyboard as well as the companion app but nothing seems to work. This is a serious issue for those who use Zwift on a daily basis to track their workout.


I had this issue today. Session was 3 x up the Alpe. Started with Route to the Sky. After descending the Alpe the U-turn function didn’t work.Tried bottom arrow, tried from menu and also tried using the Alpe. All other menu options worked but not u-turn. Ended ride and restarted Route to the Sky. At the beginning of the 2nd ride tested u-turn and was working however, the issue reoccured after the descent.

U-Turn/24km speed cap happened 2 more times to me today. First was in Richmond after a group ride (no where near a start/finish banner, U-Turn failed, speed dropped to 24kph. Second was riding with Diesel bot, U-Turn failed/speed dropped to 24kph and I was dropped from group.

The worst part is that users are stuck at one speed after they unsuccessfully try to turn back. Many say that the U-turn function was not working after the Zwift v1.18.1 update, indicating that the update messed up the basic functionality.

Fortunately, Zwift developers seem to be aware of the issue and said that they are working on a fix. However, it still remains unknown when a fix will come out since they did not share any ETA about the same.

Hey Aaron, sorry you have experienced this. This actually is a bug that we were made aware of recently, and are working on a fix. When we have any new information on this we will be updating our forum page here

We hope the developers over at Zwift quickly determine the root cause of the issue and roll out a fix as soon as possible. If and when they do, we will update this article to reflect the same.

Update 1 (October 29)

12:19 pm (IST): It is now coming to light that the issue has now been isolated and a fix will be baked into the 19.0 release.

zwift issue acknowledged

Hi everyone, we’ve identified the fix for this and it will be in the 19.0 release, which will be in a couple of weeks. We appreciate your continued patience while we get this corrected.

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Featured image source: Zwift

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