After its latest update, New World has been suffering from some issues related to bugs and exploits, of which some players are taking advantage to ‘break’ the game.

New World crouch exploit that heals and deal damage

One of the problems (1, 2, 3, 4, 5) brought by the latest New World update is this exploit that is breaking the game. It allows a character to be automatically healed when it crouches.

In addition to the above, some players report that the crouch exploit can also be used to deal damage. Some point to this as a way to counteract healing exploit in battles/wars.

There’s a counter to this btw, crouching doesn’t only proc healing but also damage. So any damage skill that does consistent damage per second such as ice storm, poison arrow, bleeding, meteor rain will also get proc when crouching.

This bug is especially troublesome in a game that offers PvP (Player vs Player). In fact, some users report losing wars in New World because the rival took advantage of the crouch exploit.


So, some players request that wars be canceled while this bug is fixed. They also wonder if the profits and victories obtained using the exploit will be reversed.

Servers will have a restart to ‘mitigate’ the exploit

New World developers are already aware of the situation. To mitigate it, they will do an individual reset of each region that will last around 60 minutes (1, 2). The restart schedule is shown in the following screenshot.

New-World-crouch- exploit-restart-servers-1

At this time, EU Central servers are available again, and the exploit should have been fixed. However, this will need to be confirmed by the players.

New World bug: players don’t receive gold for selling

The latest New World update also reportedly brought a bug that causes players not to receive gold after making a sale (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6)

If you are offline at the time your auction sells you do not get the gold. Relogging will not give you the gold. Your sold orders still display the order being sold and you will never receive the funds. Everyone on every server is impacted by this. We tested it as well to confirm that it is happening.

New World developers are also aware of this bug, and spoke out about it.

We are aware of issues regarding the trading post where players are not receiving the gold from their sales and being blocked by active contracts. We have identified a few root causes.

One that was introduced with our patch was players not receiving gold/items from completed sell/buy orders on the trading post while offline. We are currently testing a fix for this and will be deploying it as soon as we are confident. Players who encounter this issue WILL receive their missing gold/items when the fix goes live. At this time, this may block you from transferring servers.

At the moment, players can only wait for the fix to be released as quickly as possible. Fortunately, it is confirmed that the gold and lost items will be returned to the players.

Once updates appear on the subject, we will update this article with the new relevant information to keep you informed.

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