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Original story (published on October 25, 2021) follows:

New World is a role-playing game that was released on September 28, 2021. Developed by Amazon Games Orange County and published by Amazon Games, this video game is available to play on Windows.

Since its launch, the game has reached many players around the world. Besides the positive reviews, many players are also complaining about some issues with the game.

As per reports (1, 2, 3, 4, 5), some gamers are facing a bug in New World Ice Gauntlet that’s making the game extremely unplayable. And as a result, players are demanding for a fix or removal of the feature.

Here are some reports for reference on Ice Gauntlet bug:


Ice gauntlets are creating a weapon exploit during war, that creates a lag during the instance to maintain an immunity while fighting on the flag. please fix this
@playnewworld (SourcSource)

Are you guys gonna fix the bug with the Ice Gauntlet that causes the ice storm to do only 1 hit on spawn of it and not continuous damage over time? (Source)

As can be seen from the above mentioned reports, the Ice Gauntlet issue is troubling players in certain ways, including flickering in character when initiating an attack, light and heavy attack projectile VFX not rendering, and Ice Storm having little or no damage when used against large enemies.

These couple of bugs have become so annoying that players are even demanding devs to remove Ice Gauntlet from the game if they can’t fix it.

Unfortunately, New World support has not yet acknowledged the issue with Ice Gauntlet and we hope that it soon comes to their notice.

Besides the Ice Gauntlet issue, many gamers are also saying that the Light Armor does not actually give you a 20% bonus damage and its not even close to 20%. This becomes a bad deal when switching from Heavy Armor to Light just to get bonus damage.

Outpost Rush disabled again

Community manager of New World announced on October 11 that they’d be temporarily disabling Outpost Rush from the game due to an issue where players were getting stuck in the queue.

After re-enabling Outpost Rush back, devs found some more bugs in it. And hence, it was again disabled on October 22 for further investigation.

As you’d expect, players are not happy with Outpost Rush getting disabled again and again. Gamers are also demanding for ETA for re-enabling it, however, none has been provided as of now.


Honestly at this point with literally nothing left to do in-game at lvl 60 I’d rather take my chances being stuck under the map for 5 days than have it disabled. (Source)

yeah i have work all weekend and came home from a full shift only to find out it was disabled :c (Source)

We hope that the issues bothering New World gamers get sorted out soon and players can once again enjoy every part of the game.

That said, we will keep you updated on the further development of this story as and when anything new comes to our notice.

Update 1 (October 28)

04:28 pm (IST): Update 1.0.4 for New World is out and it brings a truckload of bug fixes and improvements to the game including a fix for the Ice Gauntlet bug and a “speculative” fix for the Outpost Rush issue.

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Featured Image Source – New World

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