Gmail scam emails from random (different) accounts on the rise over the recent past

Gmail has been the leader when it comes to email service in the last few years ever since it dethroned Hotmail back in 2012. The free email service is owned by Google and was launched in April of 2004.

Over the years, it has evolved from just being an email service and has successfully integrated several Google products such as Tasks, Meet and Calendar to name a few.


This has allowed Gmail to dominate the internet with more than 1.8 million users from every part of the world. Google makes sure it stays relevant by constantly working on new features and even offers 15GB of free storage.

Having said that, Google also offers great spam protection by automatically scanning the contents of an email. It generates revenue by collecting data from its other services and providing context-based advertisements.

The email service offers a spam filter that is based on community feedback. However, some malicious and spam emails do get through. They cause frustration and sometimes even financial losses to those who receive them.


In a series of recent events, many are now complaining that they are getting several scam emails every day for the last few months.

People say they have tried reporting and even blocking the sender and creating filters, but nothing seems to be helping. Gmail users receive scam mails from different accounts making it virtually impossible to block.

Even keyword-based blocking does not seem to help users since they often don’t feature one but instead contain random strings of characters. Some are even getting XHTML files and macro scripts as attachments in these spam emails.

You can see in the image below how some of the spam emails that make it past Gmail filters look like.

Hi, I am constantly receiving scam emails recently on my Gmail account. It is always from another random Gmail account and contains an xhtml attachment. I deleted immediately every time but the frequency is just a bit high – almost every day I got such an email and Gmail is not helping to filter those emails out. Is there anyway to resolve this?

So i getting those email by this week(a random russia name with weird file and send many another gmail) is annoying me and i don’t know how to do. I try to use filter and block all sender who send this , but seen no working,is still come by another gmail and same means. So i thinking is email filter is actually working? Of just i using wrong? Please Someone can take tell me how to do

Google is yet to say anything on the matter. We will keep an eye on this and update this article as and when required so make sure you stay tuned.

In the meantime, let us know if you are getting spam emails on your Gmail account in the comment section below.

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