Gmail app on iOS missing 'Classic' notification sound after recent update, devs still looking into it

Gmail is the most popular and used email service around the world, thanks to its large number of features and availability on practically any platform.

However, lately, iOS users have been experiencing a strange issue wherein the Gmail ‘Classic’ notification sound is missing after a recent update.

Gmail for iOS ‘Classic’ notification tone is missing

It seems that Gmail users on iOS were quite used to the Gmail notification tone known as ‘Classic’. Therefore, the sudden loss of it has caused some discomfort.


According to reports, the problem with the loss of the ‘classic’ notification sound started with a Gmail update from a few weeks ago.

A curious situation is that not everyone is suffering from the problem, and it seems to occur randomly among many users. Those affected point out that other iPhones maintains the ‘classic’ notification sound.

iPad may not bet affected by this bug

Also, it appears that the Gmail application for iPad is not affected by the bug, according to some answers among the reports of the situation:

Strangely, the Gmail app on my iPad has the classic notification sound.

Those who suddenly missed this particular notification describe it as a major inconvenience. For example, one of them explains the situation in the following way:

I really don’t like any of the other notification sounds, and my brain has been trained to instantly recognize the ‘classic’ Gmail notification sound.

It should be noted that the annoying error that causes the loss of the ‘classic’ notification sound in many Gmail for iOS users has been present for longer than one might expect.

Users have been waiting for a solution for weeks

There are reports of users affected by the bug since the end of September. Since then, the application has received some updates, but none have managed to solve the problem.


Considering the issue reportedly originated after an update, Google may have to do the needful to fix it, as it could be an issue at their end.

‘Classic’ notification sound missing issue was escalated to Gmail team

Among the reports, some Google product experts have replied. However, they have only recommended that affected users use the ‘send feedback’ option so that the development team can work more quickly on the solution.


The issue has been escalated to the Gmail team, but there is still no solution or a workaround that can mitigate this problem while a definitive fix arrives.

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