Destiny 2 Rutabaga error intentional to deter exploitation of orbs, confirms Bungie

Destiny 2 is one of the popular video game from Bungie’s long-running Destiny franchise. It was launched in September 2017 and is available on different gaming platforms including PlayStation, Xbox, Windows, and Stadia.

A few days ago, some gamers reported an issue with Destiny 2 after an update where players on Xbox were shown as blocked.

Now, a weird glitch has come to light where players are generating more orbs than intended when they trigger some supers. This is an exploit reported by many PC players of Destiny 2.

Here are some reports for reference:


hi, dmg so about the bubble orb generation thing, ever since beyond light dropped my pc has been running really badly with destiny 2, so whenever i have an fps drop in game and someone happens to generate an orb, it would immediately generate 6+ orbs instead of 1 orb (Source)

People have been exploiting this for a little while now to ruin games. The fix at a minimum prevents that. If there’s someone to blame it’s Bungie for their mess of code. (Source)

Meanwhile, the orbs bug has been acknowledged by Bungie support team and it is currently under investigation. However, as per the ETA provided, gamers will have to wait until December to get it fixed.

Moreover, support team has also made some temporary changes to prevent the exploitation which results in Rutabaga error when gamers attempt to reproduce the bug.


Many players are reporting Rutabaga error when they alt+tab, while others are getting error codes in a trail match.

This issue has become a threat for gamers, as those players who keep exploiting the glitch could be potentially banned.

Here are some reports on Rutabaga error:

I’ve been kicked with Rutabaga twice today when I was alt+tabbed.
Maybe because the 30fps tab lock is significantly lower than my 90 average? (Source)

I was In the middle of freelancing trials,i was on my 4th game (right about to win), I alt tabbed to check my discord, when i tabbed back in it said Time Skew Maxed and error code rutabaga. (Source)


Furthermore, the team also warned those players having framerate hitching in PvP mode. These gamers may come across Rutabaga errors more frequently.


Unfortunately, this Destiny 2 orbs Rutabaga error will take time to get resolved and affected PC gamers will need to wait until December.

We will keep you informed on the further development of Destiny 2 orbs Rutabaga error as and when anything new comes to our notice.

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