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COD: Warzone constantly receives new content. To celebrate Halloween, Raven Software recently added the Ghost of War skin, but players are reporting that is not showing, so can’t be used.

It seems that the whole problem started after the update received on October 22. Basically, players cannot equip their avatars with the new Ghost of War skin.

Ghost of War skin not showing to COD:Warzone players

This situation is bothering players a lot because the skin cannot be obtained for free. That is, everyone who has access to the skin paid money for it. So it’s quite frustrating not being able to enjoy something that players paid for.

Bought The Ghost of War Bundle in the shop today, spent 20 USD and it’s not appearing in my skins, gun armory, or watch selection, wtf Warzone thanks for scamming me.

According to the reports, after having paid for the COD: Warzone bundle which includes the Ghost of War operator skin, it does not appear available anywhere to equip it on their avatars.

One of the reports indicates that he paid 20 dollars to obtain this skin. However, he is not able to find it into “my skins”, “gun armory” or any other section where it could be.

Among the responses to the same report, some users point out that they are also affected by the bug. Similarly, there are users who point out that it happened to them, but after a while, the skin was already available.

In addition to paying for the bundle that includes the Ghost of War skin, another method to get it is to pre-order Call of Duty: Vanguard. However, these cases are also affected by the same bug, and can’t use the skin.

Ghost of War is a “spooky” skin recently introduced to celebrate Halloween. Basically, it will turn the player’s operator into a skeleton with blue lights instead of eyes and wearing an oriental-style outfit.

Raven Software is aware of the problem, it is under investigation

Fortunately, Raven Software is already aware of the bug with the Ghost of War skin in COD: Warzone. According to his official pronouncement, the situation is currently “under investigation.”


However, the company has not offered an estimated date to send a solution to players affected by this annoying bug.

So, for the moment, players can only wait for Raven Software to work as quickly as possible on this matter. After all, being a skin designed to celebrate Halloween, it should be available soon.

You can follow this and other related stories through the bug/issue/problem tracker post dedicated to COD.

Article by Jean Leon

Update 1 (October 25)

11:19 am (IST): Thanks to the power of the community, a YouTuber has seemingly found a way to fix the ghost of war skin bug.

Update 2 (October 26)

12:24 pm (IST): Raven Software says they’ve rolled out an update that fixes this issue.

ghost of war skin issue fixed

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