Apple allegedly aware of issue with HomePod not playing music (unable to connect to Apple Music) after iOS 15 update

HomePod, Apple’s smart speaker, is one of the most popular products among the company’s customers. However, after iOS 15 update, the HomePods of many users are unable to connect to Apple Music.

Many disgruntled users have been reporting through Apple’s support forums that their HomePod is unable to connect to Apple Music. Therefore, they cannot enjoy their playlists.

HomePod is unable to connect to Apple Music

This same problem seems to manifest itself in different ways. One of the most common is that, when the user sets their HomePods as the default audio output for their Apple TV 4K, then the speaker can’t connect to Apple Music.


Another problem related to this error is, while some users are streaming music from their iPhone or Mac to the HomePod, it suddenly stops.

Among the reports (1, 2, 3, 4, 5) users confirm that it is not a problem with the internet connection of those affected. Therefore, everything indicates that it could be a bug on the side of Apple’s servers.


Some users tried to remove and re-add the HomePod from the Home App. However, this did not work, and furthermore, the Home App did not recognize the device automatically, so it had to be added manually.

Most of those affected by this bug agree that all the problems began after updating their Apple devices to iOS 15.

Some possible workarounds

Among the replies to the reports, users suggest their own workarounds to mitigate the problem while a definitive solution arrives from the company.

For example, some say that if the affected users have a dual-band router, they should connect the HomePod to 2.4GHz band (not 5GHz). They suggest that the speaker works more reliably this way.

Others suggest restarting the HomePod. The process is as follows:

Open the Home App – Long press on the HomePod icon to bring up settings, scroll down to the gear icon, tap that, scroll to the bottom to Reset HomePod – then select Restart HomePod

Restart Apple TV as well. In settings – system – Restart

Complementing the above, other users suggest that, after restarting the HomePod, affected users should also restart the Wi-Fi network (turning the router off and on).

However, these solutions are temporary, as the problem reappears a few hours later.

Apple might already be aware of the HomePod issue

After having a word with Apple support, one of the affected users shared they were confirmed that the company is aware of the bug. Anyway, at the moment there is no official public statement from the company about this.


It only remains to wait for Apple to work quickly to send the solution to this annoying bug that is affecting so many HomePod users.

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