New World character transfers paused due to bug after server transfer

New World, the open world MMO developed by Amazon Games, was released in September. The developers recently released the option to transfer the player’s character to another server.

However, it seems that the new feature is not working as well as it should. Due to certain errors, the company that developed the game has decided to temporarily stop the transfers of characters between servers (1, 2, 3).

New World character server transfer feature is now paused

Being able to transfer a character to another server in New World is a very recent feature. But, in some cases, the transferred character could be seriously affected by a bug.


A moderator of the game’s official forum has tried to explain the situation through a post. Some characters, after being transferred to another server, ‘are in an invalid data state that prevents their character from properly saving‘.

Fortunately, the characters of the users who suffered this error were restored to their original condition. Therefore, players will now be able to save all their progress and changes correctly.


Another problem related to the transfer of characters to other servers in New World is that some users may have taken advantage of the situation to improperly exploit the possibilities of the game.

Some players would have tried to take advantage of the bug

According to the forum moderator, a few players may have tried to obtain items and additional gold by taking advantage of their character status.

So, Amazon Games has decided to temporarily suspend the function while they fix the problems. At this time, users who want to transfer a character to another New World server won’t be able to.

The problems this causes to players who transferred their character

However, this has brought some other problems to the players. For example, many did not expect something like this to happen, so they made the server change of their character.


Now, the players who transferred their character are ‘stuck‘ on a particular server, while their friends and contacts who play New World are on another server.

Other issues related to transfer a character to another New World server

Notably, in addition to the above, New World players already had other concerns and bugs with the recently added feature.

For example, some users were never able to do the server transfer of their character in New World due to the ‘Character_Persist_Failure’ error. In addition, some stopped playing, worried that all their progress could be lost.

Finally, there are some players who demand that the server transfers can be made between different regions, to be able to play with their friends throughout the world.

Article by Jean Leon

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